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Kenya & Tanzania Adventure - 25th July

Hi there

Would love to hear from anyone going on this trip. I'll be travelling on my own and taking the group flight from Heathrow. I absolutely can't wait! 



Hi there Angela,

All being well, I will also be going on this trip. Have been planning this for the last year so I'm really looking forward to it (Not the injections part tho). I'm going to be travelling on my own from Heathrow too, so hope everything will go smoothly. :)


Hi Stu

Nice to hear from you. I had my yellow fever jab last week (Relatively painless with no side-effects apart from a big dent in my wallet).  Fortunately, I'm up-to-date with the rest. Have you been to East Africa before?


Hey Angela,

Nope, never been to East Africa before, but it looks so beautiful in all the pictures I've seen. There's a new lonely planet guide out to East Africa in June I think so considering pre-ordering. Glad to hear the yellow fever jab was alright - I've heard some people are prone to nasty side effects (As with the Malaria tablets), but you're right about the dent in the wallet. It will all be sooo worth it though. Have been working on an equipment list this weekend, trying to reduce the amount of junk I'm trying to take lol!!


If you can afford it, go with the Malarone. I took it last time I went to Africa. I found it really easy to take and it has no side effects. seem to be one of the cheapest places to buy it from. Also, something which I swear by when I travel are Acidophilus supplements (see  They kept me well in Mozambique which is notorious for people getting upset stomachs.



Is it only 11 weeks? I had no idea it was so soon. I think I'm pretty much sorted for kit this year. I needed to upgrade my sleeping bag (don't under-estimate how cold it can get at night... I did just that a couple of years ago, was not a happy bunny!) and I also bought a thermarest. I have everything else I need already. You sound like you're going to have a very long shopping list. That will keep you busy between now and then.

Just having a look at the 'slideshows' part of the Exodus Website and there's a free wildlife photography talk on 9th June in London (see with shots from all over the world. The photographer has had a few guided tours round Kenya so was thinking about going along for inspiration with a couple of my photographer friends. Interested?

That would have been good, but I live in Cambridge and wouldn't be able to get into London in time for it after work. Shame that it's not at the weekend or during half term (as I'm a teacher). I'll just have to get some tips for taking good photos from you instead.

haha, no worries. It is quite a bit out from London for a weeknight. Just had my Yellow Fever shot, with the rest to come next month. It's beginning to sink in now that we're going!! Have you travelled with Exodus before? Wonder how big our group will be... :)

Nope. First time with Exodus, but I have been participatory camping in Africa before. I'm relieved to be all paid up now and I'm also booked onto the balloon safari (are you?). I took the last place on this trip, so we're full. I'm expecting 18-20 people in the group (going by the trip notes). Good luck with those jabs....

Yeah, the balloon safari looks awesome - made sure I was on that lol!! I'm grinning just thinking about it. Quite fancied doing a bit of snorkelling too once we get to Zanzibar, and the day trip to Kilimanjaro from Moshi is also tickling my fancy... One of my work colleagues has been to Zanzibar on several occasions and says the seas there are unbelievable!! Have you got your visas? I think I'm just going to pop into London in a couple of weeks and just go to the embassies directly. It should save waiting around through the post.... (He says) :)


I'm planning on getting my visas out there. I don't really see the benefit of getting them in the UK. I had no trouble getting my visas at the borders in Southern Africa (including Zimbabwe). I'm really keen to do the Kili hike too. I would like to return to climb the whole mountain at some point.

Hey guys,

I am also joining this trip, with my friend Sally, and am very excited - I have never been to southern africa before. You both sound a lot more organised than me - I haven't even thought of jabs or visas or packing, and now I am a bit concerned! I have done several trips with exodus, usually on my own, and have always found them excellent - although it relies on the quality of the guides. They have always made sure all the travellers sit together on the plane, so you can usually get to know each other then. These trips always seem to get similar people, mainly single travellers (and in August mainly teachers!) and everyone tends to get on very well.

Any other advice about what to take, you both seem far more organised than me? I have ordered the LP east africa guide from amazon but the publication has been delayed. I am hoping it will arrive before we go - you can always borrow it. Am now off the attic to check the condition of the sleeping bags..

 See you in a few weeks!


Hi Jen

Good to hear from you. Thanks for the information about Exodus. I see what you mean about lots of teachers.. Last time I went on a tour in S. Africa, 4/6 of us were teachers. We were all late 20s/early 30s, so we all got on really well.

I would get a move on with your jabs, but apart from that, I wouldn't be too worried packing etc. Just make sure you have a warm 3 season sleeping bag & liner, a hat, a windproof fleece/jacket and a head torch is really useful.

Look forward to meeting you both. Not long now..


ps. I don't know whether sitting with me on the plane would be a good thing as I have a massive phobia of flying :-(

Thanks guys, good to hear from you

I have now made an appointment at the GP to sort the jabs, and there is a Nomad travel down the road for anything I can't get quickly at the GPs so I will get it sorted soon.. Are there any after effects?

Did you see the doc on ITV yesterday with ballooning over the Sengretti? I got very excited and was gutted I haven't booked the ballooning trip, but I might see if I can still squeeze on...

I will get on top of the packing, trying to take as little as possible except the camera bits (need to get a telephoto lens). I am not sure if I can face Westfield - its a nightmare of a place.

We can arrange to meet somewhere at Heathrow if you like, I will send you my mobile number before we head off.

 I'm not sure which bit I am most excited about... Angela we probably don't want to sit next to each other as I can't sit still for long periods - probably not what you need!

Anyway, take care.


Jenny - Meeting at Heathrow is a good idea. We'll swap numbers nearer the time. Although I'd rather not put my number out on this forum. Are you on Facebook? (Search for Angela De Stefano, I'm the one stood next to an ice sculpture with a bright blue drink).

Stu - How was the wildlife photography talk?


Just wanted to say hello and that my husband (Jens) and I will be joining

abrown2 computer just went crazy! Just to say that my husband (Jens) and I will be joining you all in July and we're very excited about it!! It'll be our first trip to East Africa so we're looking forward to the all sounds amazing. See you all very soon. Amy :o)

Hi Amy

Good to hear from you. We're all really excited too. Not long now... Are you on the group flight? We were all thinking of meeting up at Heathrow beforehand to get acquainted.  



Hi Angela. Yes we're on the group flight from Heathrow. We're travelling down from near Manchester in the day. Would be great to meet  at the airport and say hello before we leave. Let me know where you're meeting. My email is [email protected] or I'm on facebook as Amy Niedzwiedzka (I think there is only one of me!) See you all very soon. Can't wait!


Hi all,

Just to let you know that Tony and I will be joining the trip - travelling from Manchester. It's our first safari so all the tips have already been really useful for us - thanks! If people are meeting up would like to know - my email is [email protected].

See you all soon!

Louise and Tony


Looking forward to meeting you all. I propose we meet at The Bridge Bar (departures) at about 6pm - See map.

The more the merrier. Does anyone have any suggestions about how we can find each other? Maybe the first person to arrive can throw a piece of paper down on the table saying exodus or something. 



or perhaps we could all wear white carnations!!

Hi Angela and everyone else on the trip, 

I will see you at the Bridge bar at 6pm before the trip. I'll probably be there a bit early as I live quite near Heathrow so will print out a piece of paper with Exodus Kenya trip or something similar on it - but keep a look out for an over-excited Scottish guy with a navy blue brim hat on. Less than 3 weeks to go now woohoo!!


Blimey it is just as well I checked this, I was going to go to Gatwick! We'll see you at the Bridge probably after 6 (as I am rarely on time). Which terminal is it? I think we should all wear safari hats, or failing that we could wear show our exodus tags prominently.. Keep your eyes out for a blonde and a brunette swiftly heading for the bar!

Am stupidly excited, only 13 more get ups! Any top tips to stop me forgetting something important?

 See you all very soon,



Hello all,  Good to see all the excitement for this trip.  I feel like I'll be a bit of a greybeard amongst everyone on here so far .  I've done maybe a dozen trips with Exodus , to Africa and beyond and feel at home with this company.  The Serengeti has long been a wish trip of mine so I'm looking forward to the trip too.  See you soon.


This is my first trip with Exodus and I will be travelling alone on the group flight from Heathrow. Getting really excited and would love to meet up in the Bridge bar on Saturday.

See you then


Hi Everyone!

Not sure if any of you will read this before Saturday as you are all probably busy packing and repacking!! Jez and I will be joining you all on this amazing trip.  Its out first to Africa and with exodus and like you all I'm well excited!!! Anyway, hopefully we will see you in the Bridge Bar on Saturday around 6pm.  Looking forward to it!  See you then..............

Sarah and Jez

Hi All

 I don't know if you guys have arrived back yet, but I hope you had a great trip.  I'm heading off on this one in september and wondered if you could pass on any pratical advice. 

 I've decided to do my visas on route, just wondered if this was easy enough to do.  Also what sort of gear gear did you take and how did it perform (looking at my stuff it seems to exclusive consist of outdoor clothing and little in the way of holiday stuff!).  How cold were the nights? (and how hot were the days).

Be keen to hear about any highlights and so on !

Sorry for all the questions !

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