AXW-A week in Jordan. departing 30th May. Anyone??

Hi all,

Anyone going on this? :-)


Don't worry, you're not alone - this tour has 17 passengers on at the moment. I guess the others haven't stumbled onto the forum yet.

I did this tour a few years back and it's a fantastic itinerary, packing a lot into a week. If you have any specific questions you can always drop me a line at [email protected]

My number one tip for this is to take wet wipes. The showers on the beach when you swim in the dead sea aren't great, so even after a shower you can end up feeling a bit salty and uncomfortable on the drive to the next hotel (and proper shower!).


Hi Sparkly, yes my wife and I are on this trip too, really looking forward to it, well that's three of us now. see you soon!




I am going on this trip - should be fun! 


I'll be on my own so I'll look out for you at the airport. Perhaps we could all meet up in the cafe or bar (or the check in queue!)



Hi, yes I'm sure we will all bump into each other in the queue if it helps I am 6'5 so quite easy to spot!


Ha ha, yes, very easy to spot, and don't worry, I'm not one of those clingy, tag along with others because I'm on my own people! ;-)


Hi Gina, Its not problem anyway we are looking forward to meeting everyone, it's our first time on one of these group trips so we are not sure what to expect, but I imagine that in our final instructions it will tell us that we are meeting up at the airport anyway- how about you have you done one of these before?

 counting the days...


Hi Pete,

Not as such. My ex and I did a motorbike tour of Southern India in a group of 22 some years ago but it wasn't really the same kind of thing. We did find that most of the people were wonderful but there was one really annoying couple. I guess that's always going to be the case though (I think it's called 'biodiversity'....)



Gina you have me paranoid now, I hope we are not that annoying couple!!

It looks like we are the only ones who can use a comuter. I hope at least some of the others are under retirement age!

Anyone.....anyone......?? :-)



Hi Gina,

I'm going on the trip too, but don't get your hopes up, I'm only Pete's wife....



Hi all

I've just discovered this forum and am booked to go on this trip too so thought I'd drop in and say hi. So is it just the 4 of us then or are there more?




Hi Lucy apparently there are 17 people on this trip they just haven't found their way on here!

see you soon


Ooh, more people. I guess the rest of them will be middle aged religious nutters. Apologies if anyone who has already posted is a middle aged religious nutter................





I could always use a 'comuter' (see Sparkly blog) even though I'm middle-aged  I can at least spell and type!LOL Anyway on a more useful note, a good idea for you all to take some shoes to wear in the Dead Sea as salt rocks can be VERY sharp especially when sea is choppy.  Have a good time. Chris


No middle aged holy molies here...just young lively sparks ready to go on hols and have some fun :0)

Chris - thanks for the note re: shoes. Will bear it in mind when holiday shopping this w.e. Any other hints and tips we should know about?




Thnaks for the avice about the shoes Chris ;-)

Best wishes



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