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Trails of Borneo - June

My boyfriend James and I are going on the trip in June....anyone else going on this trip.....I'm getting excited already, its the first time we've done anything like this? 

We're not sure what jabs to get - what's everyone else going for?  I'm a bit scared about all the climbing but hoping I make it....lots of gym sessions are in order!


Hi, I am on this trip too and very excited.  A little concerned about the climbing, particularly at altitude, but it is good to have a challenge.  I am hoping jabs I have had previously are still current, but will be popping down to my local GP to check that out and see what they think about malaria tablets. If they say yes, then will definitely go with their recommendation.  Look forward to meeting you.  Hills


Hi Claire, James and Hills,

Good to hear from you all....we've got ten of us on the trip so should be a good mix of mix of people going. I bet you'll be fine with the walking/climbing, I'm not great on going downhill! I quickly learnt with altitude that if you go slowly it def' helps and you get to see loads more rather than racing on missing all the good bits! From past experience of going on exodus trips most people are really like minded and have all got on well and supported each other if it gets hard. Can't remember what the jabs are if any, think it's just thyphoid and hep a or b, all details are in the trip notes. Little tip I've now learnt, if you don't have one, think about getting a decent day pack with a hydrapack in - so much easier for drinking water, which I am guessing we might need rather a lot of! Petzl headtorch is def' REALLY handy as well.....

Hope to hear from you soon

 Shannon :-)




Anyone got any ideas about how to stop my chocolate bars from melting before the long walk? (That's assuming that they don't get eaten before they get that far.)

Not long to go now. It's all a bit unreal.

See you soon



Hi Helen,

Think the chocolate is going to be mush, have thought about this and god knows what we're going to do! Looks like we're on a chocolate detox diet then.... :-(

I sat and read through the trip notes last night am am totally scared of the climbing thing, ropes and scary ladders...oh help! Why did I sign up for this!?



Are you taking walking poles? Yikes.


Hi Helen,

Yep, poles it is for me, am like Bambi gone badly wrong esp. on the downhills!

Are you flying out tomorrow or meeting the group out there?


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