Kilimanjaro, Shira Route, 29th/30th June 09 departure.

Hi, Whilst I am happy to meet the rest of the party at Kilimanjaro Airport, if anyone on this trip wants to get together before that, I look forward to hearing. John.


Hi John - I notice most of the other Kilimanjaro trips have many replies to posts, but yours is sitting stubbornly there waiting for a reply. To help out, yes I booked onto this a couple of weeks ago - getting close now and will be good to see you and everyone else on the 30th. I did ask about the trip profile and was told there was a family of four, a couple, and five individuals (from 20s to 50s, 4 M, 1 F); I think someone else must have booked since then as the trip is now full. Should be fantastic.

 Cheers, Guy


Guy, thanks for the message, good to know I am not doing this trip single handed. Thanks also for the profile of the group, I look forward to meeting and getting to know everyone. Two weeks today, and only this weekend have I stopped writing lists and started collecting stuff together! Have you done anything of this nature before? John.


Hi both....

 I booked up on this trip about 10 days ago - a last minute decision!

 I think I'm on the same flights as everyone else - departing LHR at 8pm next monday? I'll be at T4 from 4.30pm - if you fancy catching up for a coffee at the airport let me know - it'd be good to share the journey together.

Have you got everything together? I don't really have a grasp of how much stuff to take, having never done anything like this before!


would be good to hear from you...




Hi John / Rachel,

Haven't done anything quite like this. I am used to mountains, but not this high and not taking 6 days to get to the top. I am on the assumption it will be fairly relaxed with about six hours walking a day, except for the big effort on the summit day - I may be entirely wrong in this ! Will need to do my prep over the weekend; apart from getting injections and malaria pills I haven't started. I'm going for a layered approach for clothes, so will take waterproof trousers and (goretex) jacket plus a couple of fleeces and under layer for near the top; hopefully we can walk in light clothing the first few days. Torch, hat, insect spray essential - I'm bound to forget stuff though !

Rachel - I couldn't get on the same London flight as everyone else; I'm on the 19:15 from T3, so will have to wait for a coffee. Will be on the same 08:00 Nairobi to Kilimanjaro flight though.

See you both shortly !



Guy, Rachel, Hi. At least three of us going!

Good to see you are at the same stage of preparedness (!), my problem is that no one can seem to tell me how hot or cold it will be during the day when trekking between 3,000 and 4,000 metres - which is where we spend most of the time. I have formed that view that  it could be quite hot at mid day, but cold at night and very cold at night above the last camp. The trip is a great excuse to up date some of my old gear - clothing technology seems to have moved on in recent years so hopefully a selection of different layers will give the best combination and flexibility.

I am on the 8.00pm T4 and will look out for a coffe drinker. Sorry for lack of photo to aid identification. I will be the one with a giant rucksack as hand luggage. I have got to the bottom of online check in with Kenya Airlines and it can be done with the codes in our joining instructions but only within the last 30 hours before the flight (i.e. Sunday If you want to avoid sitting with the toilets at the back of the plane could be worth a bit of time on line.

Look foward to meeting you both next week. John.

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