Kilimanjaro - Rongai Route

Anyone else on this trip book on a bit of a whim and wonder what they have got themselves into?

Matt Neville

Hi Sam,

I'm also going on the trip along with Becky and Linda who I've met through the community forum (see postings below). Nice to meet you!! - that's 4 of us at least who are going on the trip!

Post a message in the other forum and I'll also let Becky and Linda know we have another crazy person who will join us!

Cheers, Matt


Hi Sam! Yes, I booked it on impulse after meeting someone in Feb who had done the climb in January & recommended Exodus. I went to work the following day and booked it - then the task ahead dawned on me!!

It's sunk in now and am very excited about it. 



Yay!!!!! another person on our trip - hello Sam :) ..... guess what guys - this Saturday it will be 5 months until we depart to leave for our climb! wohoo!!! counting down the days!



yay, I like crazy people!! 5 months, oh boy, best get myself to the gym a bit I think!!


Hi there,

I'm the 12th member of your group apparently! I only just booked and can't believe that less that 6 weeks we will be climbing Kilimanjaro!

I'm based in London; if anyone fancies looking up for a get together before Oct 24th let me know, otherwise look forward to meeting you all and to a fab trip!



Hi all,

Just about to click the book now button - but realised it's only 6 weeks away and as yet, I've got no kit (been training for a Dualthon for 6 weeks which I just finished on Sunday now looking for the next challenge), haven't had any jabs or done any other prep. Seems from other people's messages everyone is a lot more organised. 

Am I being a bit too spontaneous or have I time enough to get myself ready to join you all on the 25th Oct trip up the Rongai Route?




Sorry I meant the 24th Oct trip. Although if there's only 12 people max on each trip, I may be too late.

If so, best of luck all - will look out for your postings to see how you got on.


Hi mcdongue,

I have just seen your post and dont know if we have any space on our trip which leaves on 27th October but if you are keen it would be worth a try.

Fingers crossed you find a space somewhere as i am sure it will be a challenge of a lifetime.



Hi Steve, 6 weeks is plenty of time!  I only recently got my injections only last week, and i have been booked on since last february!!!

Becky :)


Guys, just to clarify...Becky, Matt and I are on the 'solo departure' leaving Heathrow 8pm on 23 October. Do we have the wrong trip on this thread header!? Oh well. Linda x

Matt Neville

Hi Helen,

Nice to see you are the 12th, and I think final member of the group! That's of course assuming you're on the same trip as us, I think there are several dates that are pretty close. As Linda has said in her posting, myself, Becky & Linda are off on the 23rd October. If you are, great! if not, you've missed the best group ;-) but I'm sure you'll have a great time too.

Steve, I think you're maybe a little late, but try anyway to get on the trip. I think the max is 12 but not sure whether 13 is possible. Duathlon is on my schedule too, but that's after the Salomon Turbo X in Sheffield in a couple of weeks!

Anyway nice to hear from you both and maybe see you soon, Matt


Matt, you show off ;-)

Matt Neville

I maybe doing the extreme running, but it's all to counter-balance the dominos i've just munched through and the 5 pints consumed after a day treking around a trade show!


... ok, now I'm confused! I'm leaving on Saturday 24th and think Samantha16 is also (according to her message on 7th May) so I guess we are on different groups! Is anyone else out there leaving on the 24th?!

If we don't all hook up then hope you folks have a great time, Good Luck!

Julie Batt

Hi, Three of us are booked on the trip that leaves Heathrow on 23rd october at 8pm. Cant wait to meet the rest of the group. Julie. Nick and Mike


Hi Julie, Nick and Mike!

That's half of us then. Do you guys already know each other? Or did you meet on here?

23rd Oct group rocks! lol 

Julie Batt

Nice to hear from you, Nicky and i have been friends for about eighteen years and Mike is married to my best friend. Im i right in thinking you have met two other people on the trip?. Julie


Hi Julie - are you sure you're on the 23rd trip (?!), only it's the 'solo departure', specifically for people who aren't travelling with friends and partners?


Julie Batt

Trip code TYW departing London Heathrow 23rd oct at 20:00 and the flight number is KQ101. Julie


My flights and Rongai trek booked and confirmed. So I am the 12th member of the group! Flying in on Virgin for 23rd Oct but coming in to KJO airport a little later in the afternoon of 24th than the rest of the group.

V. exicted now I know it's happening.  Need to start thinking about getting myself kitted out and having all the jabs.

 Looking forward to meeting you all!





Steve - that's excellent news, perhaps last minute is a good idea - the trip's been taking over my life for months! Get your jabs soon as you can, get your visa at the airport, there's not too much you need to do now if you are fit & healthy already!

Julie - just wondering, how come you guys booked on the 'solo departure' as a group? Did you not realise?

Julie Batt

I made the booking on the telephone for the three of us and no one from Exodus said it was a solo trip. I have just looked in the exodus book ant it reads that all solo dates are marked in red and the date i booked for the three of us is in black. My confirmation invoice reads total number of traveiiers 3 so exodus knew which trip they were putting us on. Julie



I figured it must be a mistake! Oh well, it is a large group so less of an issue. I think I'l start a new topic to find the missing six, there should be four other girls and two guys somewhere!


oh dear, my other posts disappeared as i got my screen name changed and apparently there's no other way of doing it?! Still no more takers for 23rd Oct departure! Linda

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