Just a little note to see if anyone else is doing this trip?

Or whether I'm going on a long walk on my own for a few days...........

Tony, don't worry, despite the lack of replies, it's not just you on this tour. There's six of you on there at the moment. Not everyone finds the forums, but they are referred to in the final joining instructions which come out 2-3 weeks prior to departure, so you should see a few replies then. Have a great trip.

Hi from Bruce and Dawn. How is your training going - are you fit yet???


Training you say????  That's all getting a bit too technical for me.  Have you been running up and down stairs then??

I was thinking more along the lines of eating and drinking plenty - everyone I speak to says that you need to do that to combat mountain sickness :-)


I managed to get up the Inca trail a few years back and that was ok but this is a touch higher so I'll just have to hope things work out.  Looking forward to giving it a go anyway.


We have been busy walking the treadmill and buying a few odds and ends. We're coming in from the States (Texas) but no cowboy hats, here.  3 more weeks...


I've got a day less to wait than you I think - they couldn't get me on the same flight as the rest of the group so I'm heading over a day earlier.  At least I get first dibs on the best room..........but one less day to get all the bits I need to take, which is about everything at the moment!!


What size bag are you packing your gear?  I saw weight < 35kg and read of bag sizes between 65L and 100L. Any advice?  Thanks.

On the trip notes it mentions 15 kg per person  - I am thinking that I should get all my gear together this weekend , then cut it back by at least half!. The kit bag Exodus have supplied seems to be tiny, not sure its capacity though? I am hiring a sleeping bag over there, mainly due to the space it will take in my case. I am not sure if this then has to be included in our own bags though for the climb - do you?


Thanks Dawn -- i was thinking kgs but typed in the US weight!  We will be bringing our sleeping bags and air matress.  Its time for some creative packing.  It will probably be the same old story - as much as you leave behind there will still be something that you bring that you don't need of den't wear.

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