Anyone else going? say hello! :)


Im going on the Inca trail trip on the 9th september and doing the amazon extention. Will be my first trip alone so hope im abit nervous! looks like a brilliant experience though...cant wait!


Be nice to meet people on here before we depart. Especially because ill be on a different transfer to the hotel than everyone else :(


Anyone had any good advise for things to take etc? How many camera batteries are people taking? was suggested 3 but im not sure :/




Hi Pete

 My dad and I are going to be on the same trip as you are, think its going to be awesome! Kind of worried about the altitude though.

Im not taking any special equipment other than that recommended, I know someone who went on the trip before and she says the basics are fine.  Have splashed out on a pair of trekking poles though.

Im taking 2 lots of batteries, should be good for 1800 pics. Think that should be ok.




Hey Sandra, Its good to here from someone....i was begning to think i'd be doing this alone!


I was unsure about taking a pole but there was some on sale in the camping shop i was in the other day so i figured i may aswell buy one and not use it oput of choice rather than not have the choice.


Do you know which currency you are going to take? and should we expect anything in the post? i recieved an exodus bag but theres no paperwork etc.




Hi Pete and Sandra,

Good to hear from you. I'm going with my girlfriend Jenna and really looking forward to it.

I've done quite a bit of trekking in the past but it's been a while! Altitude really isn't that high for very long so in my limited experience yep it might be uncomfortable but should be ok. From what I remember, the most important thing is to have really good boots/shoes that are well worn in - poles help on the way down if you have them. I remember this from painful experience!

Looking forward to it... might try the rafting before the main trek.

Gutted not to be doing the Amazon extension, now that sounds fantastic.

See you... very soon it would seem,



Excited now! :)


still need to buy a couple of things but it wouldnt be normal if i was prepared in advance . I suppose i will see you all at Hotel Antigua Miraflores in about a week :)

 And on the wednesday morning i will be hanging around heathrow for about 6 hours before i go to Lima via Amsterdam! lol


Hi Pete/everyone,

My husband Lee and I are also coming.

This is also our first trip trekking, so a little nervous not sure what to expect...but really looking forward to it!!

Been something we've wanted to do for a long time.


Think we are just about prepared and got most of the essentials, just the case of packing now.


 Looking forward to meeting everyone.

See you all Wednesday!!


Danielle & Lee

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