Anyone climbing Stok Kangri early August?

Hi, I am on the Stok Kangri climb in ladakh leaving UK 31/07/09... would love to hear from anyone else on this trip as i am travelling alone!




There are four of us from in and around Dundee booked on this trip as well. Looking forward to meeting you.





Hi Myself and Alice will be joining you lot for a crazy 8 days.

Has anyone bought crampons yet ?

 Also are you buying sleeping bags and sleeping mats or renting them?

Should be a great laugh. What do you think about losing our guide?

 would be great to hear from anyone.

 Mark and Alice


Dear All,

Anybody out there?

Mark and Alice

louise g

Hi, i keep trying to post but can't log in so am doing it from my phone- third time lucky! i am getting excited now its not long to go! is everyone feeling ready? i am a bit scared as i should have done more training! already had lots of my kit from a previous trip so luckily didn't have to buy anything. is everyone on the group flights? in looking forward to meeting you all. not sure im looking forward to the heat, rain and smells of delhi though...


We have  not done much training either. Don't worry it wont be a race and if it is then we are not racing! We learnt our lesson to our peril  last time at base camp ME. Altitude sickness is the only thing to really worry about and that's genetics not fitness. have you all got your crampons yet. We hired from trekhire together with some other stuff and they seemed to be nice and professional.Take lots of snack bars as well as there will not be many palces to buy on the way I reckon. Mark And Alice x


Hi, Only 7 days to go, its starting to become a reality now.

We'll be taking our own kit from other trips out with us.

See you all soon



louise g

Hi All,

Yes, i cant believe it is only 1 week to go - I am starting to get nervous now!

I totally agree with you Alice and Mark - it is the altitude that will be the greatest challenge on this trip.  Unfortunately I know that i suffer from altitude sickness.... one day at a time though i guess!!  There will definitely not be any races where i am concerned!  As for the snacks - i have already bought a kilo of snacks/sweets to take (mainly due to the fact that i find it hard to eat at altitude so i get very fussy!).  How are you finding the weight limit of 12 kilos?  I think i will struggle to stick to this with all of the gear that we need to take.  Are you planning to use the Exodus kit bags?  I think I will be using my rucksack instead as it has a bit more room and is easier to carry.  I already have crampons that i bought for a previous trip so i have not had to hire anything.  It sounds like you have found a good place to hire from though.  It seems that Stok Kangri is quite warm at the moment so i am really hoping we wont need to use them.... my winter boots are very uncomfortable!

Are you all on the group flights from Heathrow?  I do not work far from the airport so will be coming straight from work... not sure if thats a good thing!

 Cant wait to meet you all!

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