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Hi anyone else out there on this trip? Would love to hear from you



Hi "me".  I already know that there are four people on this trip-two couples-are you a part of one of these or do you make the total up to 6? Nice to hear from someone else. 

I'm on my own so that makes 6! I've actually stayed at the cortijo before but it was about 12 years ago so I guess it might have changed since then - hope it hasn't changed too much though, had a good time there before.

Have you done many Exodus trips?

Hi Martin, (can't keep calling you "me").  Yeah I have  done lots of Exodus trips-really rate them, especially for people like us who travel on their own own.  Also find them very accomodating ie I live in North Wales and they have routed me out of Manchester rather than me having to travel to Gatwick and back which would have made the trip with hotels a bit cost prohibitive.The pictures on the web site for the Cortijo look fab-just hope we get a dry week.  Have you done this trip before or stayed there independently?  I am glad there is another "singleton" on the trip (don't get worried not actually single just travel on my own) as a mixture of both is best I always feel. Ann

I did the Exodus trip called 'A Week in Andalucia' in August about 12 years ago. Basically it was day trips to local places of interest (Seville, Cordoba, Ronda etc) and/or sitting by the pool, which was perfect for what I wanted at the time! I remember really liking the accommodation - which I guess won't have changed, and the food - which might have changed! I've done loads of Exodus trips as well; a good way of going places without having to travel alone. I looked at flying from East Midlands for this holiday but it's way too expensive, so I'll do B&B at my sister's instead. Very useful having a sister who only lives 5 miles from Gatwick!


Hi Ann and Birdboot,

 I'd love to hear how you got on in Andalucia as I'm interested in doing this trip next year.

Did you or any of the other guests visit Alhambra? I see it is something to do on a free day rather than part of the organised tour, so just wanted to know whether it was possible to get there easily.

 Many thanks


This is a great little trip.  The Cortijo Rosario where you will be staying is fab.  Beautiful converted farmhouse just outside the village of Algamitas- the food is great, the staff really really welcoming and it really is a home from home-you fancy a coffee go and make one, an ice cream go and take one, a pint go and pull one (obviously you account for the ice cream and beer or whatever and pay at the end of the week) but it is that relaxed.  The walks are great-all very different and all easy.  We did not go to the place you mentioned and there is not really a "free day" but a few of the group booked days either side of the trip though they all stayed in Malaga.  The village itself seems to be about and hour to an hour and half from most of the places you will travel to though some of the walks leave on foot from the farmhouse itself.  I would definately recommend this trip.  We had great weather every day (though we were told we were exceptionally lucky for this in Nov).  In the summer is gets VERY hot- I personally would not want to do the walking or the sight seeing day in Ronda in that sort of heat -what we had was very comfortable but just a bit too cool for the pool (as I discovered!).  As usual with exodus everything you could think of (and many you had not thought of!) were all looked after. 

Hi Annj

Do you have any more info on the accommodation at the converted farmhouse (?) - if it's the same as the "Historic Andalucia" trip accommdation that is. There are no photos on the site that I can see, and I've love to hear more from someone who has stayed there.

 Cheers, Anastasia

Hi Anastasia

Yep  both trips stay at the Cortijo Rosario and it is a joy to stay in.  The house is bascially a "home from home" but with much better food.  There is a cosy sitting room, bar and dining room where all the meals were serverd when I was there but that was November and in warmer times I am sure you would eat outside in the grounds which have a great view over the village.  We attempted one breakfast outside but it was a bit cold!  The food is to die for, the people who run it really make you feel at home and there is also a pool which is lovely but a bit cold in November.  I had booked the single room which was fine - all rooms are ensuite and most sleep two.  I would really recommend saying there and in fact have considered doing your trip later in the year because I would enjoy being a guest there again.  There is a mini bus that belongs to the house which will be used for transfers and trips and you feel really "self contained".  If you would like any further information don't hesitate to ask or if you want to give me your email address I can send you my pictures some of which will show the house and grounds etc  Cortijo Rosario have their own web site with some pictures on it.  Hope you have a great time and that this was some help


gosh - how helpful Annj - thank you so much. Now all I am waiting for is for Exodus to actually return my calls / emails so that I can get a flight from the north of England and make sure that single accomodation is still availalble. It sounds lovely!  My email is [email protected] - I'd love to see some pictures x

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