Patagonian Highlights


Anyone else booked on the above trip leaving 25th October ??? 


I'm going on the trip leaving on the 11th October (as per the title of this thread), a friend did it last year and said it was amazing.  Can't wait!



I have booked the trip on the 25th October but just noticed this date is no longer on the website...hoping this is just because it's full??


Sorry hannahg,

I did click on the 25th but for some reason 11th came up on the title. You will be coming back the day we leave.

rmurray - Yes Ive noticed the trip for the 25th is no longer shown on the brochure. Last time I looked there was only 1 place left so I assume Its disappearred because the trip is full.  I hope so anyway.......

I had booked the 3 week Chile/Argentina adventure trip but that was completely cancelled and the trip has been removed from the brochure - some issue over the use of non Cilean guides.                                                                                                                         I am really looking forward to the trip. Its also my first time travelling with Exodus. I have travelled with a company called Explore a few times so I assume it will be a similar experience.   

Patagonian highlights - October 25th

Hi all

I'm also booked on the October 25th trip, when I booked at the end of May there were only a couple of places left so I guess it's full. This is my 5th Exodus trip, I've never been with Explore but I'm told they are very similar




I have just logged in and started up a new thread for the 25th Oct trip. Then found you all here...


So, is it just me going on the 11th?  Or is there anyone else out there?!


Me and my husband Alex are going on the trip departing on the 11th Oct


Hi guys - I'm also booked up for the 25th October departure.  Its my first trip with Exodus, and I'm starting to get really excited.

 I was wondering if everyone elses faces the same 8 hr connection in Madrid that I do...? Will we have met up by then, or would it be a good opportunity to meet up for lunch and start getting to know each other?


Hi Samantha,

I'm travelling on the same trip. I think everyone travelling on the group flights will be stuck in Madrid with us.

I've not travelled with Exodus before but if its like the companys I have travelled with there is no meet up and the seats on the plane arent always together. I usually end up playing spot the luggage tag !!!

It's a long time to be stuck in an airport and There isnt a lot to do at Madrid airport anyway, so I'm certainly up for lunch and a cerveza !!

If you click on my profile photo it should take you to my profile page which has my E mail address. E mail me and we can perhaps arrange to meet up at Gatwck and take it from there ..... same goes to anyone else on the trip. Failing that ... see you all in Buenos Aires 


We're flying down a couple of nights earlier for a some time in Buenos Aires first before the flight to El Calafate. So I guess that we'll meet you all in the hotel there; and we'll meet both groups, 11th and 25th..


Hi June,

 Unfortunately, your email address isn't displayed when I look at your profile page...  Meeting up sounds good to me though :-)



Oops !! Youre absolutely right. Email me  on [email protected].  We can arrange to meet up at London if you want. Same goes to anyone else who's interested.

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