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Visa on AYU Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda trip...July 3rd

Hey I am going on this trip in a month and just learnt I need a visa...Which countries will I need visa's for and do I have to get them before I go?

I do not have a passport at the moment as it is being renewed in the post, and I am not sure if this will be a problem for getting a visa too.

Staff member

Currently, you do need a visa to enter both Kenya and Uganda.  The visa for Kenya can be done on arrival and will cost $25USD or £20GBP - it's best to bring the exact amount in cash for this.   You can also get the visa for Uganda at the border when you cross over from Kenya.  You do not currently require a visa to enter Rwanda.

 Sarah Ahern - Trip Manager


Sarah, Having been given conflicting advice, what is the definitive situation please. We are two - one UK passport and one Spanish, travelling 05 Feb on AYUR. The embassies encourage visas puchased in advance but, of course, they have a revenue interest. We have asked Travcour who are quite non-commital and , of course, their busines to promote. We want to do the appropriate thing but also don't want to spend money un-necessarily. Please advise. Thank you.

Martin (and Matin) 


Hi both

If it is any help, I am travelling on the Jan 7th Departure and also looked at various information on whether to get visas prior to departure. The consensus has been that the paying on the day as it is apparently very straight forward providing you have enough room in your passport (2 pages minimum for Kenya) and the majority of people on the tour are likely  to be doing the same. However I only asked about UK passport holders so it may not answer your query about a Spanish passport holder. As I used my passport a fair amount in the last couple of months leading up to the holiday, sending it away would have been a real hassle, so I made the decision to sort out at the borders for each.



Thanks Nicola. The passport being away is not an issue for us - I have two and Matin has her Spanish ID for other travel. I'd love to be confident but I'm not and I feel that the advice is not robust enough. In the end we will probably send off for the Uganda and Rwanda visas and swallow the cost but i'll be might upset if it all turns out to be easy on arrival! Martin   


Hi! I have a confirmed trip to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, and I hope you can help me with a doubt.
As Mexican nationals, my sister and I both need visas to get into Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. I am told that this is no problem at the airport in Nairobi, but that the land border crossings into Uganda and Rwanda can be a bit tricky.
I wonder if you could tell me what your experience has been in this respect, with non-UK or US nationals at these border crossings.


I have an Irish passport and need visa for Kenya and Rwanda (which UK don't) but not for Uganda (which UK do)  Due to the differences and assuming most fellow travellers would have UK passports I decided to get the visas in advance using travcour - my passport is currently with them working on.  I found travcour so far (and have used in the past) very helpful and efficient and quite happy to give advice without you actually employing their services first.


I had no problem on my AYU trip with visas, and got into each country fine with no long waits at the borders.  Though I was a little concerned going into rwanda when the passport ceck noticed my name was 'major' and he saluted me.

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