Anybody going on this trip?


Hello! Yep, my dad and I are just geting ready for a final few 'warm up' spins on the bike before setting off on Saturday. According to Exodus, we should have 5 people in total on the trip. Have you done this kind of thing before?


Hi Sam, No this is my first and I have been in China for a year - so had to get everything here for the trip - that was quite an experience .. I am flying to Lhasa on Saturday the 18th - will meet you guys there! What about you - have you been on a trip like this before? 


Hello fellow cyclists.  My Name is Paul Sharkey and I am the 5th member of the group.  I am already in Kathmandu and loving it.  Now I am not exactly in the fittest of shape so  I thought I'd get here a little bit early for a warm up but this place is nothing like the flatness of wiltshire - there's all these mountains for one thing. I am staying at the hotel we'll be using in kathmandu and it is very nice.  I have made contact with the guides and they are very sound and seem to anticipate everything before I even ask.  However, I did have to turn down an offer of racing the Nepal Mountain Bike champ! 

Cycling in Kathmandu Valley has been a real pleasure and the best way to get around.  However, the towns are very dusty and when there is a lot of traffic the pollution is terrible.  I definitely recommend some kind of mouth mask - lots of people are wearing them here.  Regarding equipment you can get everything you need here, even if it is knock off, except I haven't seen any Camel Baks.  So don't worry if you leave anything behind whether it be equipment or toiletries.  If you have any questions regarding Kathmandu, etc then please don't hesitate to ask. 

I don't know if you have been briefed about arrival in Kathmandu but if you haven't got a nepal visa then make sure you bring a passport photo (i think you'll be needing a few any way) and the correct amount in US Dollars ( 40 of them).  Also, download and print out the visa application form as this will save you a lot of time at the airport arrival.  Frankly, I reckon all this is a heck of a lot more convenient than going to your local Nepali embassy.

All the best for now



Hi guys. Thanks for all the info Sharkey, much nicer to head out with at least some of idea of what to expect when we get there (beyond a great adventure)! Good move on getting out there early as well. Neither of us have done anything like this before - I've done a few tours with friends in France and eastern Europe, but something tells me the route profiles may not quite match up.

Getting very seriously excited now though, finally set and ready to go! I look forward to seeing you in Kathmandu/Lhasa.


Hi Guys,

I am in Lhasa - I will meet you here - have not gone riding still getting over headache - Prinso picked me up at airport and I feel that we will be in good hands with him! The hotel is great Cool Yak Hotel I have a beautiful clean room, and also you can get pretty much everything here!  I am going to camp at Namtso lake tonight with another group (it is 1000m higher than Lhasa). Well I cannot wait to meet you all and start our great adventure together.


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