Petra and the Pyramids 25/5-06/06

You Who! Exodus.

 thought I would beat Samuel to post here :)

Hope that everyone made it back in one piece and did not find the change in temperature too bad. Still trying to get the desert out of my clothes, but what an awesome holiday, now to upload the photos.

Will catch up with you all soon



Afternoon Rich, afternoon everyone!

Thanks for a fantastic time.  Bedroom looks like a bomb's hit it at the mo and when I look out of the window there's not a felucca in sight!  Rubbish.  The alabaster wood pigeon looks on reproachfully...


Will check back when I've restored some order!


Oh my god!!! What happened to the weather.

I was in a complete shock yesterday morning ... rain, rain, rain ... are we being punished by the Pharaos for using flash in their tombs??? Rich ... it is all your fault.

Or maybe it is my fault for laughing at Rameses II long, curvy nose in the Cairo museum.

We are cursed and doomed!

How depressing going back to work after such a great, adventurous holiday.

Guys, thank you so much for this lovely time. This trip was successful ... not only because of the breathtaking places we visited ... but also because you were all so special.

Love you all!!!

PS: Greg ... you on Facebook yet? Lol

Samuel Rodriguez


No - still manfully resisting facebook!  Are you two living together yet?

you who all, why is it so cold?  I'm camping this weekend which could end in tears!

 Thanks for a great holiday all


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