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ACT China Eclipse Tour

starting a thread for the China Eclipse Tour in July. I think there are two so we may not be in the same group ...


My trip has the same code as yours, but it's leaving on Saturday 11th July, so I guess it may be the other one?  If anyone is going on the Saturday trip, would be good to hear from you.  I've never done a trip like this before, so excited about it, but also quite apprehensive too!


Hi there, We are also going on the trip. We just got our glasses for the eclipse yesterday. Just hope the we don't get weather like it is here for the eclipse - we had thunderstorm and hailstones yesterday.      Only 3 weeks to go. Looking forward to meeting you.   Aileen Philip



We are group of four, My Self (Rich), My sister Holly and my two best friends Phil and Sarah. We have just all tried on our solar glass, seems to be a good fit. We shall be joining the group at the hotel on the afternoon of 12th, as we have different flights from Manchester. We are all really looking forward to starting the trip not long now only 20 days!


We (Mike and I) are arriving from Germany via Paris on the 11th (if all goes to plan). We have glasses from a previous eclipse - but I guess they will be provided on the tour.


Hi everyone.  Yes, I came back from Cornwall to Devon last weekend to find my glasses had arrived in the post too - haven't tried them on yet, and think I still have an old pair from the 1999 Cornwall eclipse.  Have any of you been to China before - if so, any particular memories to share, or have you seen any other eclipses?

Look forward to meeting you, either at the airport, or when we arrive in Beijing.



we saw the 1999 eclipse from Hungary - it was a bit touch and go but the skies cleared at the right moment. Our philosophy is to enjoy the holiday and not pin all your hopes on seeing the eclipse. We only have a 50-50 chance, after all.


Yes, I agree - it will be a great holiday whatever happens with the eclipse....  It was cloudy when I was in Cornwall in 1999, but still quite impressive, and then I managed to get a fantastic clear view in Turkey in 2006, so I've already had a reasonable go at it, whatever the weather.

Only 10 days to go...... just ordered my Chinese Yuan!   Alistair 

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