Annapurna Circuit 26th September 2009



Anybody else joining the Annapurna Circuit trip in September? If so it would be nice to hear from you before the departure.


Hi Rebecca,

I'm Angela and I'll be joining you in September.  I'm very excited and a little nervous.  Have you been doing any training?


Hi Angela,

 I'm getting excited too now about the trip but I still have a lot of a kit to buy and a lot of training to do! I'm trying to walk one day at the weekend and do some other exercise during the week but things don't always go to plan. How about you?



 Hi  7 weeks to go I'm leaving on Fri 25th Sep looking forward to the beautiful scenery




Hi there

I've just booked to go on this trip!  Can't wait!  Though I need to dig out all my walking gear and get out on some walks.

Cheers Janine 


Is anyone taking anything for the altitude e.g. Diamox?


Namaste ,

 i am Dawa from nepal  .i will be leading this trek .Tnq 939 26th sep .

so if any  thing please write to me back . maybe i can help you .....

till then bye

sincerely dawa jangbu lama


Good to hear from some of the people on this trip, just two weeks away, keen to go!  This is the highest & longest trek I've been on, any tips anyone?

What flights are you on?  I'm flying Virgin Airways to Delhi & then Jet Airways, getting into Kathmandu at 14:45 on the 26th.

Better start thinking about what to take.




I'm flying Jet from Heathrow to Delhi on Fri 25th at 20.45 then arriving in Kathmandu 14.45 next day. I am taking a rucksack  for the journey but taking the kitbag in it to use on the trek as we can only let the Porters carry 12kg . See you there.



 this is your leader jangbu dawa

i just want to make sure everyone brings  your pp size photographs . i dont know if you've been told abt photographs but you will need two pp size photographs . for the ACAP and  TIMS  card  which is  important

till then

dawa jangbu lama


Hi David its jangbu dawa.

 some tips . abt what to carry ..4 season sleeping bag,fleece jackets .duvet jackets . i mean ny hing that will keep you warm,,,,

water purification tablets or iodine ,depends on what you would like ,pp size photographs ,no more than 2.

insurance make sure you are insured till the maxmium  height .

the reason i am asking you to get some water tablets  or iodine is because  in the everest region ,we exodus is setting an example to stop mineral water ,being a responsible tourist . you can get mineral waters every where ,but its good to use  tablets or iodine,

tablets and iodine you can get theem here in jathmandu too . shopping can be done here,i mean the things you've missed .

till then be in touch

trek leader


 hi david , a mistake  not the everest region its annapurna region . .i am also leading the everest base camp  after this TNQ 


jangbu dawa

Hello All,

 I'm travelling alone to Kathmandu on the Jet airways flight from Heathrow on the Friday about 8 in the evening. Would anyone like to keep me company for what is bound to be a rather long flight!?




Hi Rebecca I too am on my own from Heathrow on Jet so will be good to have company. We can arrange a mtg place nearer the time. I am happy to give you my contact details too. My e-mail for everyones info is [email protected].  Barbara

I'm on the later Virgin flight from Heathrow but we could meet up in Delhi as we are on the same flight into Kathmandu.  If anybody on the trip wants to get in touch beforehand, I am at [email protected].

Cheers, David


Wow, it's a while since I checked this forum and it great to see all the messages! I am also travelling alone on Jet Airways, so it would be great to meet up with you both before check in.  Perhaps we can suggest a meeting point?  I've just got my Exodus bag through the post so we shouldn't be hard to spot!!



hi there

 7 days to go .....exicted ......and any one  reading this ......a small note . once you get here  in kathmandu , in the airport  there are some boys who will help you with your luggage ,so try and avoid them unless you are ready to tip them ......

i will collect your pp size photographs  i will need two . so make sure you have them ..if you dont by the time you get here we can get some fresh ones here in kathmandu .

til then bye

see ya

Is anyone planning on going on an Everest flight on the first day we arrive? Dawa, might it be possible to do this and fit in a tour around Kathmandu?




namaste  Rebecca , and everyone

nice to hear from you

yes its possible to do the everest ,i mean mountain flight .

After the trek it might not be possible , but before the trek thats on the 27th sep  you can  do it . Time would be at round  6 in the morning .If you want exodus will also provide you with transport to and from the  airport to the hotel . It will be an hour flight you will be back to the hotel by 8 for the latest . to 10 you will have a full trek briefing ,and a half day tour of kathmandu .so you will have time to do the flght .

Just write to me  if you want to get it booked .!!!!





Hi all, 

Angela, if you'd like to check in together then drop me a line. My e-mail address is [email protected]


Hi Dawa,

 If you could provisionally book the Everest flight for me and some transport that would be great. See you tomorrow!



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