Hi - looking forward to the trip.....I am aiming to get my Visa at the airport. What are your thoughts?


Hey there,

I can't wait!!  I think I'm going to get the Kenya & Tanzania visas on arrival, but I think you need to pay the Tanzania one in USD cash.  This is the case for Brits anyway - where are you from? 


We are using travcour to get our visa's. A little on the expensive side but the service is great and you avoid any hassle at the airport. And beleive me Nairobi Airport can be a HASSLE!!!

 Any of you flying out on the group flight from Heathrow?? It would be good to know who is going on this trip. My girlfriend and i can't wait to get away from London for a while and hope that it is as good as some of the reviews are saying!!


I was going to use them again but I thought I needed my passport for a business trip in July or Aug!! Not so - thank goodness

Am travelling on the 8pm from Heathrow. Like you all - CANNOT wait to get away on this trip - really looking forward to it!



Hey guys,

I'm also on the 8pm group flight from Heathrow, travelling solo.  

SO excited for this trip.  Is this a first safari for you all?  I've been to Tanzania and Zanzibar before, but unforgivably didn't make it on to a safari.  Never been to Kenya.  I'm most looking forward to the Masai Mara camp - are we are going to be lucky enough to witness the migration??

What are you thinking of taking cash-wise?  A few hundred pounds of Kenyan shillings plus perhaps some USD? 



Well we are supposed to be there for the great migration so here's hoping! Would be amazing to see a few million wildebeast. If this is your first safari you wont regret it, absolutely amazing experience. This will be my third and as long as they can guarantee me a leopard to complete the collection i will be a happy man.

 See you at heathrow then, or maybe on the flight!

Oh and are either of you doing the Hot Air ballon ride? It is extremely expensive but someone I know who has done it says it is one of those once in a lifetime things!?!?!


I'm really tempted by the hot air balloon flight.  It is a lot of money but speaking to people who have done it - it's worth every penny.


hi - decided not to do the balloon flight - although no doubt I will regret it!!!

I am taking sterling - friend went to Kenya last year and suggested this but happy to hear your thoughts!




been nosing at that link and also looking at some of the lodges we are going to be staying in!! only 10 days to go too ;-))

 Hope you are all organised and ready for our little african adventure


Looking forward to the trip, Tim thanks for the great migration info - lets hope we are lucky!!

 I am sure you have done it already but if you havent, trip advisor has got reviews and lots of photo's/videos of the places we are staying. Kicheche Mara Camp where we are staying is vote Number 1 of all the camps in the Masai Mara - lets hope it lives up to expectations!!!

May see you on the flight but if not definitely when we arrive in Nairobi!!!

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