Moonstone Trek

I am really looking forward to hiking the Moostone Trek in July.  I've got lots of hiking gear and I don't know what to bring with me.  Any information about the trek would be very useful.  How cold does it get at night?  How many people will be on the trail with us?  Do I need to bring water purification tablets?  What are the limits of what I can bring?

 Any information you have would be useful.


Hi Michelle,

It looks like you have a full group for the main tour (16 people), and 4 of you are going on the Moonstone Trek. There's lots of information on the trek here, that you may already have seen.

It does get cold at night (possibly down to a few degrees below freezing at high camp), so take thermals, hat, gloves, a warm jumper and good jacket. Take trekking poles if you need them, a water bottle (but you don't need to take purifaction tablets if you don't want as boiled water is provided throughout the day), some well broken-in hiking boots, a head torch and water proofs (rain can blow up from the jungle at any time, even though this is the dry season!). Unlike the Inca Trail, you don't have a weight limit for what you can take (your luggage is carried by pony), but it needs to fit into one big hold-all (provided locally) and your daypack (for things you need whilst walking). Most of all, take a camera, some strong legs and have fun!



Do we need to rent a thermarest sleeping mat or is one provided for us?  I have my own sleeping bag. 


Sorry - thermarests are provided locally for free.


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