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Sleeping mat

I need a sleeping mat for this trip, has anyone any advice re. self-inflating mats. I want to be comfy without costing a fortune. Thanks


Hi Pat, I have always used a thermarest mat on my trips.  They don't come particularly cheap but they do the job quite well.  They come in different lengths and with different padded areas for men or women so check them out to get the best one for your requirements.  I don't know if there any cheaper brands of the same thing but there is usually a deal to be had on the internet somewhere! 

I have just bought a Thermarest Trail Lite from Nomad - 15% off for Exodus customers with code EXOD1000. Not a super light model but it is always a compromise between mass and comfort and I prefer the latter!


Pat Tweed

Thanks Tanya and Jonathan, I'd given up hope of advice and bought a Thermarest 4 days ago, so happy to see you both recommend them.  I've bought a female one, so hope it's padded in the right places. I've also managed to deflate it and get it back into the bag unaided which is a relief.

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