who's going on Costa Rica trip 1st-16th Aug?

Hi,would be good to compare planning/what to take etc!My first time on a trip like this!Claire


Hi Claire,

I'm on the Costa Rica trip with you, starting August 1st.  My boyfriend also.  First time for us with Exodus too!  We're really looking forward to it. 

I posted a thread looking for info on anti malarials, as we're getting conflicting advice from local nurse and Boots...  Have you been given any definitive advice on this?





Hi again,

Have had vaccinations postponed to next week(2 of them apparently) ,but the nurse did give me an informative sheet about travel health.The regions of Costa Rica we are going to have a low risk of malaria and apparently tablets are not essential except in certain regions,none of which it seems we are going to,or at least spending a night in(nearer Panama,and the southwest Carribean around Puerto Limon,see map on Foreign Office website travel section,where this area is shaded in dark pink).However,nowhere is 100% risk free,so I was recommended Chloroquine,a slightly less strong drug than those you would need for high risk countries.Presume I will get it next week!

Need to buy some cover-up clothes though,like long sleeved shirts etc.

Are you taking a backpack(ie a big one for everything and a little one for day trips)?poss would be easier to handle on and off minibus than a suitcase.Only ask because I usually go on citybreak type holidays where you spend time in galleries and coffee bars rather than jungles(!) so this is all really new and exciting!



Hi there, Ross and Jane here.

I've had my jab, and they said anti-malaria was not essential. the area round Limon has malaria, but we're not there for long, so I'm going without. Jane is going to the Doc's on Tuesday, so we'll get a different opinion. I'm relying on long sleeves (pale colours are best apparently), long trousers and others getting bitten.

We're no experts for packing, but I'm taking thin layers and a decent set of waterproof, walking shoes, small med pack, hat, binoculars and a decent wildlife guidebook. I recommend you have lots of memory for your camera, and plenty spare batteries. It's better to try and get small denomination currency if possible. Some books say dollars are usable (but you'll struggle to change $20s), some say they aren't.

a few people have suggested looking at fitfortravel website, but I've not looked yet.

We've done a couple of organised trips like this, to Namibia and Botswana and a winter activity to Slovenia. Both have been excellent.

Not long now and we're really looking forward to it.







Really looking forward to the trip.

The doctor I went to advised me that Malaria isn't a problem in Costa Rica and not to worry too much about it... we'll see. I did get advice that Jungle formula bug spray is definitely worth getting and Tiger Balm (it's really good on bites apparently).

It's been said that its much better to bring a soft bag (backpacker type thing) than a suitcase - its just a lot easier to manage, and a small day bag.

I spoke to one of the Exodus people that have just got back from this particular trip - he said he took £200 (in US dollars) as cash - most places we go we will have access to bank machines to take out money as and when - Costa Rica is apparently on a level with the US cost wise.

He also said to bring binoculars and a telescopic camera lens if you can - the wildlife is supposed to be amazing, but I guess the wildlife doesn’t always cooperate and come strolling up to the group…

I’m generally a bad planner… any tips would be much appreciated! Look forward to meeting you all.


I'm Matt by the way and my travelling buddy is Alice...



We're going without the Malaria pills too, but I was advised high DEET spray and long trousers and tops are essential for lowland areas.   

For packing, we have a couple of sturdy hold-alls on frames that we took when we went to Kenya that seemed to work well.  We'll also take day sacks for the trips.  Thanks for the tips on currency and amount of money to take - I always seem to underestimate wherever I go!

Final things on my packing list are a hat to keep out the sun, a couple more pairs of long trousers and maybe some new lightweight waterproof boots.  I'm also planning to dowload a good few BBC podcasts for the longer bus trips (though hope the wildlife will be so interesting that I don't need them!).

Hi to all the new people on this feed!



We have just done the ESTA thing to get through the US transfer less painfully. Might be worth doing if you haven't yet.

the one I was told about packing and money is take half the amount of clothes and twice the money.





thanks for the reminder re ESTA ,I have done it (and been "approved"!!) ;presume we need to print out the document and have it to show on demand (though it implies we would have a US address,and we are just in transit?)

I have just got myself a backpack with detachable daysack from Kathmandu which seems very cleverly  designed,and now will spend the weekend working out how to use it!Yes,I decided against malaria pills eventually,but will be armed with bug spray etc.

looking  forward to next Sat


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