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Hi fellow travellers!

Is anyone else booked up on this trip? Have my deposit paid.

I live in Dublin so I plan to get the group flight from Heathrow.

I've never travelled with Exodus before but they look very organised, I've done group trips in Canada and Mexico. I'm looking forward to this one!

Andrew To

Hi Anne-Marie,

I'm in the same boat as you - I have paid the deposit and I am also flying from Heathrow.  This will be my first time travelling with Exodus too, but I have no doubts in the quality of their service as a friend recommended it to me.  I'm travelling solo, so it will be exciting to meet everyone in the group. 

I noticed that your departure date is Friday 23rd October?  I'm sure mine's Thursday 22nd.  I've booked train tickets etc for the 22nd.

I've not sent off my visa application as yet.  Most probably sometime in August.  Have you?

I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about as we get nearer to the trip.

Anyway, nice to virtually meet you on here. :)




Hi Andrew,

 You're right, it is the 22nd October we fly out, Exodus have the trip start date as the 23rd for people starting in India I guess?

Haven't sorted my Visa yet, leaving it until August.

Reckon its going to be a pretty full on trip!

Glad to hear someone else is booked up as well!

Talk to you again I'm sure,


Andrew To

Hi Anne-Marie

It does sound like a full on trip - lots to do and see in just 10 days.  I'm most looking forward to experiencing the culture shock and it would be cool if we get to spot the bengal tiger.  I'm an amateur photographer and I'm sure there will be just so much to capture.

What do you think about the weather during October?  Originally, I was going to go in August, but changed my mind as I wouldn't have been able to cope with 42c.

I think travelling overnight on the sleeper trains is going to be quite the experience.

As far as I know, there are 6 travellers booked on this trip.  I'm sure there will be more by now.

Catch you later,






I'm also booked on this trip and flying from Heathrow! There were 8 other people booked on when I booked a couple of weeks ago. It does sound pretty full on - but very good! I originally intended to book a relaxing holiday but changed my mind when I read about this one! I've travelled with Explore before but this will be my first trip with Exodus. I've heard lots of good things about Exodus - and the website is good! Look forward to hearing from you - and meeting you in October!


Andrew To

Hi Emily,

Fantastic to hear from another fellow traveller on this trip.  Yes, there is a lot to fit in, but it states that it is at a pace that doesn't make it feel too rushed.  I did think about going to Japan this year, but decided on this trip because because it sounds so good, and I am sure that it will be.  

Have you sent off your Visa app yet?  What do you think about vaccinations?

Learned the basics of Hindi yet?  I haven't...

Yes, looking forward to meeting you all in October. 



Hi Andrew

Thanks for your reply. No, I haven't got my visa yet - not sure whether to get it myself or go through Travcour. I had lots of vaccinations for a trip last year to Eritrea so I'm hoping a lot of them are still valid! I know absolutely no Hindi at the moment so will need to put some effort into that!



Although I am down as Louise, my real name is Tracey (somebody already has this username so had to use middle name)!! Graham and I are looking forward to the trip and sorted our visas last week. Posted them off on Monday and received them back on Friday!! Emily - we didn't bother going through Travcour (too expensive and you had to complete the on-lline application form anyway).

We travelled with Exodus a couple of years ago to Jordan and had a great time, the guide was really knowledgeable and a really friendly group.

Andrew To

Hi Tracey and Graham,

I believe that the trip is almost fully booked now.  Last time I looked therte were only 2 places left.  It would be nice to meet everyone virtually on here, so come on fellow AIC travellers!!!

Is everyone taking rucksacks as their main luggage?  I am, although it's a large rucksack, I think that it's going to be easier to lug around on trains etc.  Does anyone know what the temperatrure is going to be like at the departure date.  It's most likely to be cold in the UK, but much warmer in India. 

Tracey, what method did you use to obtain your visas? if not with Travcour?  



Hi All

Just in case you're wondering why my posts have disappeared.  I had some technical issues with my account and it has since been deleted and recreated, hence the removal of my posts on here. 

 Speak to you all soon.




Hi there everyone ...

Really looking forward to the trip and meeting up with everyone.

I've used Exodus a couple of times and both trips have been brilliant !

I'm meeting everyone in India as I'm booked on a different fligth so will see everyone at the airport in the morning when they're feeling sparkling after the night flight ! :)






Hi Stuart

Another fellow traveller!  Really looking forward to the trip, and the departure date is approaching fast.  I just received my visa yesterday, and I've paid the balance, so it's all on.  

I'm sure we'll all have questions nearer the time, but good to hear from an Exodus veteran.

See you in India!   


I am also going on this trip.  Great to see so many folks already on-line.  I am joinng the group in India - so look forward to meeting everyone in Delhi after your flight.  I am from San Francisco - but lived in the UK for 2 1/2 years (so I do speak English - don't worry).  I will be traveling in India with friends who live in Bombay for ~three weeks before this tour.  

I haven't ever been on an Exodus tour either - but excited to meet the group.  See you in India! 



Hi Courtney and everyone else going to Northern India!

Are you all set?  The departure date is approaching fast.  I'm sure we'll all have more questions to ask soon, but my first one is anyone else taking a large rucksack as their main luggage?  I've got a 70 (+20 litre day rucksack).  I think that will be enough as I guess I will be travelling fairly light.

I've also had my jabs and got my visa.  I'm also gathering a list of commonly used hindi which should prove to be useful.

Anyone else got any questions or concerns they would like to share?

Courtney, you'll be used to India life and culture by the time you meet up with the rest of the group. :)

Looking forward to meeting you all either at Heathrow or in India.  See you there!






Better late than never, for those of you on here last minute, hello, I'm joining you on this trip so I'll see you very soon.

Just checked in for the Heathrow flight so all ready to go now, can't wait!

Safe journey everyone, see you in Terminal 4 or Delhi.

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