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Inca Royal Highway - September 19

Hey!  I'm booked to go on the Inca Royal Highway tour in September and am checking in to see who else will be joining me!  This will be my first time to South America and I am excited for this adventure!  It would be cool to meet some tour mates before hitting the ground in La Paz!


Hi Laura,Good to see there are other people on the trip.  Both Vicki (my wife) and I have booked on the Inca Royal Highway.

Exodus have been messing us around on the flights so we have booked ours independently.  We are therefore going to meet up with the rest of you in La Paz after your stopover in Lima.  I assume your flight from the land of maple syrup are more straightforward!

Sadly we missed out on the Inca Trail permits so it looks like we may have to get the train to Machu PicchuL  I’m hoping we may be able to grease a couple of palms whilst we are out there so fingers crossed.  Have you been lucky enough to get a permit?  If so don’t stand too close to any cliffs beforehand ;) I still need to arrange my jabs and by the looks of thing there are a lot of them agghhhh!

Anyway I’m looking forward to meeting you (especially if you have a permit!)




Hi Pete! 

I was doubtful that I would get a response to my forum post given that there is only one departure on the Inca Royal Highway tour this year, so I was pleasantly surprised to get your message!!  Nice to hear from some fellow tour mates! 

Air Canada does make it nice and easy to get to Lima from here but I'll have to do the stopover there at the start with the rest of the group as they don't fly to La Paz either.  Kind of a tough place to begin but at least it will give us a head start to get acclimitized to the altitude! 

That's too bad you and your wife missed out on the Inca Trail permits...sounds like I will need to watch my back as I was lucky enough to get one in the nick of time!!  Did you consider doing the Moonstone Trek instead?  Exodus offers it as an alternative to the Inca Trail since you don't need a permit for it....http://www.exodus.co.uk/feature/moonstone-trek-option.  Looks to be  a bit more of a challenge but avoiding the hordes of other tourists on the Classic Inca Trail does sound appealing!

Anyway...looking forward to meeting both you and Vicki in La Paz on the 19th of September!  Can hardly believe it's less than two months away!  Have either you or Vicki travelled to South America before?   


Hi Laura,

I didn't realise there was only one inca royal highway tour this year.  When we booked the trip the agent said there were a number of people doing the Inca trail but there were a few that weren't.  So there sould be a few more people out there who are yet to get in touch.

We are flying on american airlines so have just had to get a visa for fortress america, even though we are not setting foot out of the airport.  Nearly got stung on one of the sites that charge you for the priviledge but worked it out in time.  From what I can see on the foreign office website we do not need visas for Peru or Bolivia though.  How about you?  I think other than the jabs we are all set to go now.

The moonstone trek looks good, thanks for suggesting it.  This will be a good backup if we don't get on the Inca Trail.  Both of us are pretty active so hopefully the "challenging" description won't be beyond us!  Hopefully some other "Royals" will join the forum so we can see who is doing what before we depart.

Neither of us have been to south america before so it is going to be a new experience.  We usually stick to more western places e.g. australia (I am off for the third time in December), the US and quite a lot of Europe.  Vicki has just got back from an exodus trip to Jordan and Egypt and she raved about exodus so we decided to try a completely different location.  Are you an experienced traveller?

Looking forward to seeing you, as long as we don't get express kidnapped at La Paz airport first! 



So have you had your shots done yet??  I got mine done last weekend, wasn't so bad, except for the yellow fever vaccination...that one stung like a #%@#@%!!! At least it's good for ten years so I won't have to worry about getting it again for awhile! 

So sounds like you and Vicki are quite well travelled! I'll have to chat with Vicki about her trip to the Middle East, I'd love to visit Jordan and see Petra!  This will be my first time to South America but I have travelled a bit....I spent 4 months gallavanting around Europe in 2007, (loved Croatia & Slovenia!) and have spent time in Ghana and Pakistan as a kid (my dad's job moved us there).  This will however be my first time travelling internationally on my own so joining an organized group seemed like the best way to go!  

So just over a month left before we get this adventure started, my mind is starting to drift to all things I need to remember to take with me!!  I'm pretty stoked that the USD/CAD$ exchange rate is good for us Canadians right now...it means I can splurge a little more than otherwise could have! 

Talk to you guys soon!




 I had my yellow fever injection at the weekend, although the jab was ok my arm went dead for the rest of the day.  Got the certificate so should be ok to get into Peru and OZ.

The GBP is rubbish at the moment so everything is going to be expensive, looks like you will be buying the beers then :)  We can't decide how much cash to take and what denominations.  We are going to take some local currency and US$. We just don't have an idea how much we are going to spend.  I'm sure it will be more than the recommended amount in the trip notes though.  Oh well have credit card will travel.

We have booked on the Larrs trek instead of the Inca trail.  Really looking forward to that element of the trip as well as the nazca lines.

We have been told to take waterproofs hope it dosen't get to wet! We are also not really sure what to pack as the weather seems to fluctuate quite alot.  If all else fails then shorts will do (brits abroad and all that).

Are you taking anything not in the trip notes?  I keep seeing loads of cool travelling gadgets but haven't bought anything yet (well apart from the solar pannelled phone charger).

 Only three more weeks of work :) can't wait!

 See you soon


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