would like to hear from anyone else on this tour



Hi Lorna,

I booked yesterday so it's great to see that I'll have some company! I've been wanting to go to Cuba for years now so I'm really looking forward to the trip. Have you travelled with Exodus before?

hi danielle

Its nice to hear from someone else travelling. This is my first exodus tour, how about you ?



Yes, it the first one for me, too. I did a bit of research into Cuba holidays and this one looked like the best. I particularly liked the relaxed element to it! Will you be flying from London? I live in south London so will be going from Gatwick.

I will be flying from Gatwick as well . I live in Dublin so i will probably travel over to London a couple of days before my flight


Hi Lorna 

If you need somewhere to stay in London then you're welcome to stay with me. I don't have a spare bedroom but can turn the lounge into one. Otherwise, let's swap numbers, maybe we can meet for a coffee at the airport and say hello...


Thats very nice of you to offer but im staying with friends when im in london. Meeting up before the flight sounds good, my email is [email protected], why dont you email me through that and we can sort something out.

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