Discover Thailand, Laos and Cambodia (AOC)


I am booked on the Sept. 11 depature of this trip.  I am really looking forward to going (and a bit nervous).  Anyone else traveling on their own?  There must be at least 6 of us going. 

 I have been to Asia (China) before, but never to this area and have always been fascinated by SE Asia. 

 I look forward to meeting everyone. 


Hi Karen,

Due to cancellation of another trip (by another operator) I am having to rearrange things and this trip looks to be ideal.  I've literally only just come across this today, printed off the details and need to properly consider it but it looks like a strong possibility.  I just thought I'd pop on here and see if there had been any comments, etc..

I'll be travelling on my own too and, whilst I've not travelled with Exodus before - until Malaysia Encountered, on the way to this - there's normally a good mix and everyone seems to get on with each other.  Certainly nothing to be nervous about...he says, also trying to convince himself! 

It would be my first time visiting Laos or Cambodia and the closer my trip gets the more I want to see both (the tour that was cancelled was specifically to both of these countries).

I'll let you know if I book.

All the best.


"I will see you in far off places..."



I've just booked on this trip and can't wait.  This is my 5th Exodus trip and I can highly recommend them, especially if you're travelling on your own (which I am).

See you there!




Have just provisionally booked this trip - they just need to get back to me on the single room request - so it looks like I'll be seeing you there too!

Are you looking to get the Laos & Cambodia visas as Exodus suggest, i.e. at Laos border and upon arrival in Phnom Penh?  It's just that this was proving to be the painful bit previously - especially Laos - so the Exodus suggestions would suit me far better, assuming they are still options at time of arrival.  I will be getting to Bangkok a day earlier, which enables another option on the Laos visa. Any other thoughts on visa options?




"I will see you in far off places..."


Just checked in today and saw your replies.  I look forward to meeting both of you.

 From what I have been told it is easy to get a visa in Cambodia once you arrive and it is much cheaper than getting it ahead of time.  It seems from the trip notes that we can also get the visa in Laos once we get to the border.  So, here is hoping this still applies when we get there.

See you there.



I booked this on Monday, so will see you both there...or as Morrissey would say...

"I will see you in far off places..."

And thanks for the feedback on visas.  I'm going to just get my Thai one before I go - have a further six weeks there after the tour - and get the Laos & Cambodia visas as Exodus recommend.

Look forward to it and seeing everyone there.

All the best,



Hi Karen, Jackie and Danny,

I am on this trip too, meeting everyone at the hotel and not on the same flights, this is my first exodus trip, looking forward to it and to meeting you all.

Karen (another one!)

Hello People,

I'm another one travelling on my own - nice to know that there's a few of us! Look forward to meeting you all really soon - might bump into one or 2 of you at Heathrow maybe?




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