24/12/10 - AIN Delhi to Kathmandu - SHARING OF INFORMATION


Having spoken to Exodus today, it seems there should be 13 of us on the group flight departing from Heathrow Terminal 4 on Christmas Eve. It would be useful if any group members on this trip could share any information they get hold of over the next few days.

In the email from Exodus today it advises all passengers to continue to the airport as planned, however the news reports are saying don't travel to the airport unless you have a confirmed flight. Given that transport on Christmas Day & Boxing Day will be very limited/non existent it is concerning that we might get to Heathrow only to be stranded with no way of getting home until the Monday.

I guess everything very much depends on what happens with the weather over the next few days, but would be good to make contact with others.

Fingers crossed for some sunshine!



I'm not coming on this trip. I'm going on this trip in October. But from reading your post and with the weather etc. I have my fingers crossed for you and wish you all the best..


Hi there

I'm on the Heathrow flight to Delhi on Christmas eve but on the AIW (Separate post started asking for fellow travellers.

I only live a few miles from Heathrow and the snow is still quite bad.  It's melting right now but "heavy snow" is forecast from 6pm today and through the night.

 Fingers crossed indeed!



I've registered for Flight Messenger on Heathrow's webiste for free text updates on the flight ... you register, enter the flight details and according to the website, it then texts you if there are any changes.




 My husband and I are travelling down from Merseyside on Thursday. Luckily my brother lives in London so if it all goes pear shaped then it's Christmas with him.

 It looks like the same time flight as we are taking left ok last night and is scheduled ok for tonight.

 I agree that what we really don't want is to get stranded at Heathrow but BAA do seem to be working to make sure that people get advance warning so hopefully all will be clear fairly early on Friday,



Hi Elaine

I have just checked and whilst tonight's Delhi flight isn't showing on the Heathrow list of scheduled flights, it is showing on the Jet Airways list. Also Jet have announced on their website that they are putting on extra flights today and tomorrow to cope with the back log.

We are going to check the situation on Friday morning and if all seems well then we'll head down to Heathrow!

Keeping everything crossed for sunshine and warmer weather!




Obviously I don't know how this will turn out ... but ... I only live a few miles from Heathrow and I know what the weather is like here.  It's not snowing, there is good visibility, temperatures are mild and the snow is steadily melting ... slowly, but it is melting.  However, because of the temperature rise (it was between minus 10 and minus 14 last weekend, now around zero), the ground is now wet, so any snow that is coming down isn't really adding to what we have already.  So probably more positive than a few days ago!

That said, there are reportedly huge backlogs at the airport :o( and if we get delayed, will we miss the start of our tours? ... fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

Probably see you at the airport - although I'm on AIW, it sounds like we're all on the same flight.


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