A1B Festivals of Bhutan

Anyone going on this trip departing 24 th M. arch, 2013?


Hi Fiona, I am going. I am actually meeting up with another lady who is on it next weekend. My email is [email protected]


Hello, I am going with a lady friend too, and look forward to seeing you. We are about to get our Nepalese visa,s , and get out some shoes ( as apposed to my usual Trekkie style footwear). I'm glad I ,don't smoke!


Hi ladies

I'm Rosemary and I'm going too. Are any of you doing the extension to Chitwan? I am, and wondered who I'm travelling there with, as I have been told there is one other? Getting excited but still unsure what to pack as the weather seems to be extreme cold at night and warmish days.  Also finding shoes to wear as trainers wont do! 


Hello, Rosemary,  I suppose it's a question of the usual layers. Now, do I take a down jacket? they take up so much space, but I hate being cold. Otherwise, I find a fleece plus waterproof together do the trick. I got myself some shoes. Very 'old lady-ish' but flat and comfy.  I have been to Chitwan before, so, not this time. Looking forward to meeting up



Hi again Fiona. Don''t pack the down jacket, wear it, or rather carry it! Thats what I shall do with my walking jacket with integral fleece. Good tip about the waterproofs that may well help windproof me too. I have managed some loafers from M&S which I hope will do the trick, if they rub I shall be down to stockinged feet with loads of plasters. Look forward to meeting you too, not long now.



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