ACB Highlights of Tibet - 4-16May2014

Hi Everybody,

 I have just booked my trip to Nepal and Tibet. I was wondering whether others would like to join this forum who has booked. Group is almost fool only 3 places left.

I hope to chat with you soon.



Hi Krisztina,

Looking forward to our trip & meeting my fellow travellers. I'm travelling on my own but understand the group is a mix of singles & couples. I've been to Nepal before but not Tibet.  Already starting planning what to take.

Would like to hear from others in our group.



Hi Lyn,

I am glad somebody found this forum and took the effort to reply to me :-) I am looking forward to meet others as well. I am glad to hear you have been in Nepal, so you will be more prepared than I. I haven't been there yet...or at least not in this life :-) But I have a feeling I have been there already. Anyway. I have already  started planning what to take. The list is longer and longer day by day :-) 

It would be great to share experiences and get to know each other a bit before we would meet. 

Have a nice week and looking forward to hear from you.


Hi Krisztina,

I did post a reply, but it got lost when Exodus updated the web site. It's taken me weeks to get me logged on again. My apologies.
Only just over 4 weeks until we travel. I understand we are a mixed bunch mainly singles & from all over the world - really looking forward to meeting all.
Does any one have any hints on what to take or not take. I'm sure I will pack far too much.
Do you & anybody else fancy meeting up at Dehli Airport whilst we are between planes.
Take Care Lyn

I'm glad you are back and can talk again. I've lost the message with your email address. Would you pass it to me again? I would be happy to keep contact till we meet up. I would be happy to meet in Delhi. I was hoping I could meet others but don't know how to contact them. Anyway looking forward receiving feedback from you. Take care Krisztina

Hi Lyn :-) I hope this time I won't loose this messange. Only one month to go....can you believe it? :-) I am really excited by now....just got my anti-malaria tablets. I will need them as I have booked a trip to the Chitwan National park. I hope you will read this message soon and we can continue chatting. my private email address is [email protected]. Of course I lost yours :-( It would be great to meet up at least in come you are coming from there and not London? of the questions privately :-) take care Tina

Canadian single traveller looking forward to fun in Tibet, sounds great

See u when u arrive

Looking forward to seeing you in Kathmandu.
Tina & I are meeting @ Delhi Airport & would be pleased to meet fellow travellers, will let you know the arrangments nearer to departure. Hopefully in four weeks time we be at Rongbuk - so looking forward to it. Happy Travels, if you have any tips for our journey plaes let us know.......

Hi All, only 1.5 weeks left....I am so excited, hardly can wait to meet everybody....what a pity we cannot really meet up earlier. I hope we will find other fellow travelers with Lyn in Delhi :-) see you soon :-)

If any fellow travellers would like to meet up at Delhi Airport, Tina & I will be at the Coffee Bean and Tea Cafe in the Departures Lounge at approx 11.30am. I will have my Exodus Luggage Tag on my Carry On Case. Hope to see you there or in Kathmandu. Looking forward to our adventures.

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