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I am joining the March 25th departure (AIC313AA) - but will be making my own flight arrangements and instead meet the group in Jaipur on the 26th. 

I am thinking of visiting Mumbai for a couple of days before this tour - before trying out the express train from Mumbai to Jaipur.....or a flight - depending on how brave I feel about going solo on the Indian train network :-)

Would be interested in chatting to anyone else who is also booked on this trip - or indeed anyone who has already done the trip and has some suggestions on places to visit during free time or in Delhi post tour.





Hi Paul,

I'm booked on this trip, really excited, I've always wanted to visit India.

I'm also making my own way to the start of the trip, I'm arriving in Delhi the day before, so will spend some extra time in Delhi and get aclimatised (haven't got any exact plans yet) and joining the group at the start of the trip. We've got a day in Delhi at the end of the trip so will probably just spend the time before looking around and soaking up the atmosphere!

Have you booked your flight yet?






I'm being brave..... booked myself onto the "Jaipur Duronto" leaving Mumbai on 24th March.  So I should arrive in Jaipur a full day before the group.

Flights however are a pain..... now that I am "multi city" there are quite a few airline options.   I will probably hold off buying the flights until January while I work out exactly how much time I will spend in Mumbai pre-tour and Delhi post-tour.



The trains in India are meant to be really good, sure you'll have fun, when we do them on the trip, you'll be an expert! If you have longer in Jaipur, check out the 'Holi' celebrations, they look the best in Jaipur, centred around elephants, so glad the trip is there then too, one of my main highlights!

I'm flying with Virgin, it's a direct flight and was definately the best value, check out flight prices on Kayak, they check all the main compare sites and airlines, definately the best site to go through. 




Hi, I'm, also on this trip (my first ever group trip... hoping it goes well!). I arrive in Delhi (from Brussels) the day before, so i'll have the whole day of the 25th to take photos around the city.

See you guys there!


I'm also going to arrive in Delhi on 25th, so will probably see u there. Are you staying in Hotel Swati Deluxe?


I'm also going to arrive in Delhi on 25th, so will probably see u there. Are you staying in Hotel Swati Deluxe?



I'm on this trip too but flying from Manchester and landing (hopefully) an hour and a half before the main group flight lands. Otherwise I'll be finding my own way to Jaipur!


Looking forward to meeting you all and exploring India. 

Lynds - meet you at the airport, sure your flight will be on time! 



Seems like a few of us are arriving the day before.

My partner and I arrive the 25th too, and staying at Swati. We'll probably see you at the hotel... going to be a pretty full on trip this one by the looks, though we're thinking to stay in Varanasi at the end to chill out rather than going straight back to Delhi cos we don't leave until the 7th.

See y'all soon :)

Not long now.this should be fun. Have the jabs,the visa and the kindle. Any ideas how much cash we are going to need ..for essentials, not shopping!


I think the minimum is about 20pound per day (according to the trip notes - 13/14 pound for food and about 5pound for daily essentials (water, etc)), but thought I'd probably budget a bit more just in case. Sarah


Hi everyone, It's probably only me who hadn't thought of it, but just had a look at the Jaipur hotel and there's a swimming pool, so I need to pack my swimming costume! (just in case anyone else hadn't realised). Sarah 

Hi all,

I fly out to Mumbai in a couple of days.....assuming the train from Mumbai to Jaipur is on time I guess I'll see you all at the Jaipur hotel on the 26th.



I think most ofl the hotels may have pools-found a list of the most likely hotels somewhere else,then used trip advisor.Several have gardens and sounded quite quirky.


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