Just booked myself on the AIC India trip on March 22nd. Very excited and nervous, first exodus trip and first trip alone.

Still a while off but would be good to hear from anyone else going! I hear there is about 5 or 6 people confirmed now.


Hi Phil, just booked on the trip, very impulsive decision! I have been on my own and with exodus before and if it is only half as good, we will have an amazing time! I booked the land only and i am sorting my own flights out, how about you? I arrive in the afternoon, A bit nervous to arrive on my own:(


Hey, good to hear from a fellow traveller! I'm on the group flight. Thought about getting there myself but I think I'll be stressed enough just getting to Heathrow.

Currently reading my India book and sorting out immunisations and my visa (anyone whos hasn't done it yet - remember to sign under the photograph on the form, they sent mine back immediately...).


Hi both

I too am a first timer both on my own and with exodus I am very excited and a little apprehensive, I'm on the group flight so look out for me at the airport phil, this is very last minute and like Sarah impulsive purchase can't wait though, anybody got any ideas on appropriate clothing I have read the trip notes but was wondering whether we do really need to be "that" covered up save religious places of course as I'm guessing it's going to be quite hot?
Also any ideas on the daily allowance? How much we should take I understand we can only take cash and I'm not great with cash I always seem to lose it! Ha!
Any other helpful tips greatly welcomed
Thanks look forward to hearing from you and meeting you very soon


Hey Erin. Just got the 'final boarding instructions', 2 weeks tomorrow! Had a look at our first hotel too, looks kinda fancy! I havent really thought about what to pack yet, though checking the weather it looks to be about 33°C at the minute, so shorts? As for money I was just going to go for an overall budget, guess some days may be cheaper than others. Unsure wether to take cash to convert at the airport or just use my card when I get there.



I will be travelling from Manchester to Heathrow and wondered if anyone wanted to meet in the Departure Lounge? I will have my exodus label on my backpack.

Done  one solo trip with exodus last year to Spain but this is a bit more adventurous. Getting excited about the trip- but at 57 wondering if I have the stamina- not got my final boarding instructions yet. I am taking mixture of dollars and card.


Hey there

I am also a solo traveller doing my first exodus trip so both a bit nervous but very excited. I am travelling from London so happy to meet at the departure lounge. I was planning on taking cash to change over there. I too was wondering about dress code. Looks like it will be very hot when we're there!



Will be glad to meet in the departure lounge with my exodus tag!
Just wondering what did everyone do about insurance did you take it with exodus?
Tori what did you decide about clothes are you thinking t shirts n long skirts or you braving vests and shorts?


I will also have my exodus tag on so hopefully see some of you at Heathrow!

I got my insurance with exodus. I read somewhere you need to have insurance documents to get through the airport in Delhi? I can't remember if they sent them out or if you have to print them though.

Hey Erin,

I thought I'd go somewhere in the middle - t-shirts and knee length skirts/dresses - no long skirts. Hopefully we'll get away with it! ;-). I was planning on getting my insurance with exodus - in fact better do it now! See you all at heathrow/in delhi

Hi folks, my names Adam as like a few of you im traveling alone for the first time on this trip! Just a week to go now getting very excited. How is everyones preparation going? I will also be on the flight from Heathow so will look out for people at the airport.


i am hoping to go on this trip in november...this time last year i was in Kerala and found it easy to exchange travellers cheques and use prepaid mastercard in cities...i took some cash but couldnt use because it was Bank of Ireland notes... make sure you take sterling.

Hope this helps...Enjoy


Hi fellow travellers, eek only one more day to go!!! I am flying out tomorrow so I just wanted to wish you all a stress free packing experience (unlike me) and a safe flight on Thursday. I will be your welcome commitee on Friday morning as I will waiting for you at the airport.

Looking forward to meeting you all and see you Friday x

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