AID - Dharamsala & The Dalai Lama

I realise others must be booked onto this trip ----- but who? If you are, please make contact! Mx

I'm booked on it too, and looking forward to it now that visa is sorted and security stuff sent off. Just need to pack and get to Heathrow!

Should be a great experience. :-)



At last a reply - I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one! Look forward to meeting you either in Delhi or Amritsar. Really looking forward to it - see you there - have a good trip! Mx

I guess not everyone checks on here, I must admit I've not looked often. Are you flying from Heathrow?



No - I'm already in Goa - I've been here since 26th Jan - I'll be flying into Delhi via Dabolim/ Bangalore the night before and joining the same Jet Lite flight from Delhi to Amritsar - I think the flight is 12.50 arriving Amritsar 13.50 and then I'm returning to Heathrow on the same flight as the group on 23rd Mar

Long holiday! I've got some great memories of Goa!

See you at Delhi or Amritsar or on the flight.


Hi guys, im booked on this trip . Exodus staff told me at the weekend there are 8 of us on this trip, 7 women and one man. That must be you John. Im booked on the group flight. I am looking forward to this trip. Jules

Elementary dear Jules!  :-)

Maybe see you at Heathrow.



Hi Jules - 8 is a good number - look forward to meeting you at Delhi or Amritsar - Mx

Fiona Ross

  I'm also booked on this trip. Anyone taking heavy walking boots, or will trainers do for this trip?  I don't like heavy luggage, although boots can be worn for flying etc.


Im wearing my mountain boots. I checked the weather forcast and its not been good. It was -1 on Friday in the afternoon with ice rain. I dont like being cold.  Jules



Hi, I have just looked at the forcast for next week. Its not great. I was going to pack for spring. But now im going to pack for winter. The days are ranging from 3 to 8c but the nights are 1 to -3 with snow forcast for Saterday. There is a lot of rain forcast as well. Ho hum I will just have to resemble a mitchelin man.  At least I wont have to pack the sunscreen, or mosqito repellent. Always look on the bright side of life.  Jules

   I also checked the weather - on lots of sites.  No malaria tabs then! Gloves hats woollies +++, and 4 seasons sleeping bag. ------ 20kg weight limit?

Hi Fiona

Better re-think my packing list - boots, down jacket, thermals.....      :-(     I'll check again nearer the time in hope!




I have finally managed to sort visa, insurance and other things. The weather looks fairly cold but perhaps we will get some good weather. I am flying from heathrow and look forward to meeting up with all of you.


I expect you have all just received an e-mail from Exodus advising warm and waterproof clothes .(Brolly will be good as well.)  Flight is Heathrow, T4 at 20.50 is it not?  I'm a bit funny about getting to  airports in plenty of time, so will prob get there  c. half past two or thereabouts!



Hi all, we knew the weather was bad!   Fiona i will get to heathrow bus station at 4.00, As soon as i check  in and clear to airside I will find the nearest bar for a bracer, (scared flyer). If you want to join me your wellcome, (that goes for Pat and John. I will be in a black North Face down jacket with a Tibetan flag on the left breast. Looking forward to meeting you all. Jules

Yes got the mail. A little disappointing, I was hoping for warm after this winter! Maybe see you all at the bar (hope this isn't starting a bad habit!!)

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