AIF Leh - Amritsar


August does seem a bit far off at present but the weeks go past so quickly!

I'd enjoy hearing from anyone else booked on this trip - or anyone who has visited Ladakh - especially in August/September.



 Hello Barbara,

Anne and I are booked on this trip and are looking forward to it immensely.

We havn`t been to Ladakh but it should be very interesting.

Since booking I have managed to buy and read a few books on the subject which has only whetted my appetite even more. 8 weeks to go, and counting.

See you at Heathrow   John




Dear John and Anne,

Good to hear from you. I've been meaning to do some relevant reading and you motivated me to order a couple of books from Amazon!

I'll be travelling from Scotland but joining you all on the flight from Heathrow.

I'm wondering just how cold it will be - the clothing advice of fleece, warm and waterproof jackets - it does seem a lot and I do want to travel light. Any thoughts?




hello Barbara, After reading about Ladakh, I believe Exodus are probably correct with their advise regarding a kit list. You will have to wear more layers if you wish to travel light.

regards John


Hi Barbara, John and Anne,

This is exciting trying to get to know eveyone before travelling.  Normally we have no idea who we are with. :o)  Nick and I are really looking forward to this trip  - despite the lack of walking which he normally insists we do.  We haven't been to Ladakh before but have been in the Himalaya a couple of times. 

As I am a warm person anyway I am taking a Rab Generator neutrino (think that is its name, don't really pay alot of attention) whcih is a lightweight jacket and great for all evenualities.  Am also taking Ice Breaker of Smartwool stuff as they don't smell, you can wear for days on end so it keeps the load light.  I am not good at travelling light!  Nick is talking about using lots of layers as he does get cold but once we reach Amritsar we'll all want to strip off in the heat!

Have you any advise on injections we may need?  I haven't looked into that.  In fact I have only read the itinary as I got fed up with deciding where we were going.

Have a great weekend.



Hello Barbara and Phillipa,The injection section is in the trip notes. If you were in the Himalaya recently you should be fine.    We had top ups 2 years ago and were told all ok for 5 years for some, and 10 years for another. the usual thyphoid, tetanus etc. I bought a microfleece on Saturday from Mountain life. £9.99.Very light, roll it up, and warm. Nick is probably right about light Layers of  clothing.

We are staying 1 extra day in Amritsar so we can go to the Pakistan border to see the " Banging of the gates ceremony"  anyone else?   See you in 5 weeks  John and Anne


Just catching up with the news and wondering what we are going to do if things are still bad in the area.  got my gortex packed just in case!!!  It will be so nice just being off work so not too worried!

Have a great week.



Hello everyone, this is fun for getting to know people first. I am currently in India but Rajasthan and it is hard for me to imagine that it is cold up north! :-( I don't have many warm clothes with me as I have been travelling for nearly a year and nowhere cold yet, maybe it wasn't such a good plan to book this trip! I now feel underprepared although I can wear lots of layers I guess! :-)

 As for the weather up there it is pretty messy I think but they still seem confident it will be fine, we keep having lots of rain here too! Anyway, looking forward to meeting everyone in Delhi, is anyone else arriving early? I was also thinking of flying from Amritar on 13th so maybe I could come to the boarder with you?!


Hello Rachel,I`m not to sure whether we will need mask and snorkels, yes it does sound messy. Re the border trip. After the tour ends we are staying at Bhandaris Hotel and we have a car and driver booked to ferry us about. I`m sure there` enough room for one more. Hope you are enjoying Rhajastan. Seen any tigers?

   See you next week  John and Anne 

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