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AIL1009 - DISCOVER SRI LANKA; A Couple of Queries

Really looking forward to this one, but a query on currency.

What's a sensible budget to allow for? I was personally planning on getting £400 or so in local currency before we set off. Would that be reasonable, and how available are local cash point/ATMs in the towns we will be visiting, for when I inevitably run out.

I'm also planning on taking a camera and hence, battery charger, but wondering about what type of power outlets the hotels we will be using are wired with.

The guide books I have don't make it terribly clear, just mentioning "Round 3 pin & Square 3 Pin" with no mention of size or style. I'd prefer to get myself set up with adaptors before arrival.

I'm guessing UK style, but would round pin ones be 3,5,or 15 amp? 

Look forward to meeting you all.

Bill & Jane. 

Hi Bill and Jane,

Re Currency - the trip notes detail how much money to allow for food and extra activities. How much you take will depend on how many of those activities you would like to do as well as how much shopping!

Re Charger - I used phone and camera chargers out there last year and they were fine, there are UK and 3 round pin sockets (which you use a 2 round pin adaptor in - the leader will show you how!) in most of the hotel rooms.

I hope this is helpful for now and I hope you have a great trip.

Best wishes,


Sri Lanka Product Manager


I went on this trip in Dec 09, I think I took around £450 and changed about half into local currency on arrival at the airport in Sri Lanka (the airport exchange rate is good).  Activities can be paid for in £'s if you want to save your local money for paying for your meals, any shopping etc.  I always tend to take more cash with me than use ATM's (personal choice) but I think a couple of people on our trip found some ATM's.  If you are running low on money let your guide know and he will advise where you can find an ATM or money changer.  Also ask for smaller notes when you change money, not everywhere will be able to change a 2000 or 1000 note.

Its a great trip and a wonderful country, hope you have a good time. 

Hi there,

I'd just like to ask about vaccinations for Sri Lanka (AIL). I had my jabs last week, but the nurse said I may need one for Japanese encyclopedia and she adviced me to go to the school of tropical medicine as she didn't have it and wasn't sure if I needed it or not. Do travelers that go on this trip usually get this particular vaccination? It says on the web, you should get it if you are going to be there for over 4 weeks, or spend a lot of time in rural areas. Also, she didn't mention Malaria, is there a risk of this on the Sri Lanka trip?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Diane,

Thanks for your message.

I am surprised to hear that you have been advised to get a Japanese encephalitis vaccination for this trip; it is not a normal one for clients to get as the trip is only 2 weeks long as doesn't spend a prolonged period in rural areas.

As we are not qualified to answer questions on vaccines and anti-malarials can I suggest you seek further advice from travel health specialists; please contact Nomad Travel (www.nomadtravel.co.uk/exodus) and they will be happy to give you some more comprehensive advice.

Best wishes and I hope you have a great trip.

Sri Lanka Product Executive

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