AIN - DELHI TO KATHMANDU - 18th December

Are you booked onto this trip? I'm looking forward to it -  an execellent way to spend this time of year.

I am booked on the trip and will be meeting up with everyone in Delhi....really looking forward to it.


We are also booked (John and Mary) -joining in Delhi -look forward to meeting you and heres to a great holiday! Trying to decide whether to buy malaria tabs- are you bothering?

I was told by the travel clinic, that malaria is in all parts of India and in the low-land areas of Nepal.

Do you happen to know the name of the hotel that we are meeting up at in Delhi?  Adventure Center has not received that information yet to pass along to me.


I plan to join the group at Delhi airport and I'm due to use the group transfer to the hotel - this assumes my BA flight does actually land 15 mins before the group Jet flight! In case it might not do this, I asked for details of the hotel and was told that, currently, it's Hotel Vikram, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi -24, Phone 011 -465 15151. This is subject change and I should confirm nearer to departure date.

Unfortunately, I tend to agree with the need for malaria tablets, so I'd better get a supply.



Hi Mark - which BA flight are you on? We are on BA0257 20:45 Dec 18th. We've decided to get malaria tabs just for the lower nepal regions. Look forward to meeting soon.

Hi, John and Mary,

Yes, that's the one, I'm in one of the cheap seats 16H. I'm coming back on BA 0142 on 3rd Jan 3.30am - how about you? Only 5 weeks to go...



Hi Mark-snap- so are we. Dont know what seats as we can only do that 24hrs before flight -sounds like you got a good deal.  we are on Jet Airways leaving Kathmandu 15.45 so we have a long wait in Delhi -how about you?

Yes, I'm the same. I booked with BA because I have a silver Exec card and wanted to get the most out if it before it expires at the end of January - that's probably why I've already got my seat sorted.  We do get a few more hours in Katmandu, but I'm not sure I want to hang about Delhi airport for so long - we might be able to go into town. I don't know whether our hold bags will be transferred from the Jet flight to the BA flight, or whether we'll have to pick them up and check them in again. If the latter, I believe there is no left luggage facility at Delhi (security reasons), so we'd have to lug bags around with us. Talking of which, are you using a kitbag, rucksack or some other form of luggage?



Hi Mark - good to know you will be on the same flight back from Kathmandu.  Ive been on the Trip Advisor forum with questions about Delhi Airport-the answers havnt been very encouraging- most suggest taking a taxi to various areas for a meal but we will have to drag luggage with us!  We will probably have soft wheely cases so dont know how easy it will be!  Apparently the airport has been updated in some areas and there are more waiting areas and restaurants but I have a feeling we will have to totally check out before getting BA flight .Cheers Mary


Hi Mark

I just heard that the hotel we are to meet up at is The Connaught Hotel in New Delhi, 37 Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg. I have chosen to stay at the Corus before we meet up, simply for the location. As for you travelers heading back from Kathmandu by way of Delhi, your luggage should be checked all the way though, unless you are planning on carry on only.





Suddenly I realise how soon this trip is! Yesterday I had my typoid & polio jabs topped up - I already sorted the anti-malarial tablets.

I'll be on the flight Exodus offered on the way out.

Right now I'm looking at temperatures - they seem to range from 2 to 23, and colleagues in Delhi were saying that it was around 10 there yesterday - very cold for them.



Hi everyone ... 

I'm joining this trip too .... really looking forward to it.  I'm on the jet flight.  I'm struggling a bit with what to take, I know its cooler this time of year and can get quite cold at night.  Whats everyone else taking ?




Hi Donna - I'm going for layers, including fleece for Pokhara and Kathmandu.



I asked some people who I know who live in Kathmandhu aboutwhat sort of weather to expect, and got this information that you might find helpful....

at this time of year in Kathmandu and Pokhara it is both cold and hot! It is usually:
sunny in the daytime
warm in the sun (i.e. comfortable to sit in the sun without a coat on) but cool in the shade
colder early morning and in the evening
usually colder indoors than outside as most places don't have heating
warmer in Pokhara than Kathmandu

We went out to something yesterday evening and I was wearing boots, jumper, fleece and
scarf. Today in the daytime I'm comfortable in just a cardigan. So I think the key is to bring
layers that you can add to or take off as the weather changes. In the middle of a winter's day
in Kathmandu or Pokhara it can be sunnier and warmer than a summer's day in England.
Sun and blue skies are the norm in January but we do also get cloudy days and a very slim
chance of some winter rain. When that happens it feels cold all day long! 

See you soon


Sandra - thanks for that, although I think those of us flying BA now have a bigger "challenge" if our return flight is cancelled due to the BA cabin staff strike. See you in the Connaught.

Diane, that's useful "on the ground" info - layers seems to be the way forward. According to the BBC weather, there are light showers in Kathmandu - I'm not sure I'll be taking my brolly though!

See you all soon



Hi Sandra

 Thanks for that.....  I have gone with your previous advice and opted for layers too....  really looking forward to it now. Maybe see you at Heathrow.  I'm on the Jet flight.

See you soon Donna


I think I may have Diane and Sandra mixed up.. not a good start ...  Thanks Diane and Sandra for you advice ...


Thanks Donna

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