AIN - Delhi to Kathmandu 6th Oct 12

Anyone going on this trip?



 I booked on to this trip about 3 weeks ago.  At the time of booking I was told there were 6 other people booked on.  I'm also doing the Annapurna extension.  Can't wait.



I'm also going on this trip! :)


Hi Luke,

Have you done any trips with Exodus before? This is my first, I'm really looking forward to it. When did you book on? Do you know how many of us there are now?



I booked this trip about a month ago.  Really looking forward to going.  Did not opt for the Annapurna extension. 


Hi Andrea and Jen, This is my first trip with Exodus. I booked about mid-May so i'm not sure how many people are currently booked! As long as there are enough people for the trip to go ahead i don't really mind :). Soooo many things to look forward to....and soooo many anti-bacterial wipes to buy ;).

Luke, it's my first trip with them as well. I just hope that the mosquitoes arent too bad in October.  Looking forward to seeing the elephants.


Hi both.  Not to worried about the mosquitos more the Delhi belly!  So Luke, did you book the Annapurna extension?

No sadly i'm not going on the Annapurna extension although it does sound brilliant!


I'm also going on this trip,booked it a couple of months ago.I'll be taking bimuno to prevent Delhi belly.I'm not going on the Annapurna extension.

I booked it a couple of weeks ago  and am not going on the Annapurna extension-looking forward to the trip and am stocking up on plenty of mozzy repellent

Hi, I booked this trip back in March - too long to wait. It's my first trip with Exodus, and I'm really looking forward to it! Has anyone been to India before?


I've had my boosters, though didn't bother with the Japanese encephalitis and rabies (these would have cost over £300).  I've still got to get my malaria tablets and mosquito repellent.  I'm going to send for my visa for India tomorrow.  I haven't been to India or Nepal before and can't wait, bought a new camera ready for the trip :).


So where are you all from?  Where have you visited before? Have you previously been on a trip with Exodus?  How old are you?  What do you with your time?  This is only part 1 of the inquisition, next we'll move on to your hopes, dreams and aspirations lol.


Oh dear have I scared you all off? Well I'm from Leicestershire, 36 years old, and have only really done anything similar to this once and that was a tour of Thailand on a Thomas Cook holiday. Hope to hear from some of you soon. Andrea


I'm from Minnesota in the US (directly below Canada in the middle of the US).  I am 31, I am taking a class to finish my masters right now so I am really busy.  :p  I have never been on a tour with Exodus.  Most people think that I am bitchy or a snob because I am really shy, but I will try to break out of my shell so I do not come across that way.  5 weeks left!  Yay!

Jen O.

Hi Andrea/Jen O,

I've just turned 30, and live in Norfolk - although I travel around the UK as part of my job - I work in sport sponsorship, so it's quite a busy time for me at the moment! :)

For my first groupt trip, I visited China in 2010 with Travelsphere and was the only solo traveller, so this trip jumped out as a great way to travel with like-minded people! 

5 weeks left, and I can't wait! :)




Thanks for your replies. Don't worry about being shy Jen, I have a dry sense of humour and can often be taken the wrong way.

Only 4 weeks now, feeling excited but a little nervous. I got my passport back with my India visa today. Not sure what sized day bag to take and sure I'll forget something. Has anyone used one of those mosquito head nets for sleeping in, or am I just going OTT now?


Hey people, in terms of the 'where are you from?' conversation, i'm from Essex. Are people taking suitcases or mahussive backpacks? Andrea, i'm not too sure about the mosquito head nets, unless you're taking the Amazon rainforest extension on this trip? ;)


No Luke, I think I'll probably leave the Amazon until next year lol. You're just jealous you're not doing the Annapurna extension :p . Just remember in Thailand my ex got bitten up something rotten by mosquitoes. I was going to get a kitbag as it will be lighter than my suitcase.


Hi all. I'm on the main trip but not the extension. I'll be arriving the evening of ther 6th from Toronto if there are any other early arrivals who'd like to get together for breakfast or lunch on the 7th. I'm really looking forward to this. I've been with Exodus once before -- a trip to Jordan last fall -- and found the company terrific. I'm still in touch with four new friends from the adventure.




Allan S.

Hi - don't know whether those flying on Sat evening from Heathrow would like to meet for a coffee etc pre flight?  It may be a good way to recognise the group when we arrive in Delhi  I'm Jackie by the way ...I went on a solo trip to Cuba a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it -I've also travelled alone through the Mid East and North Africa.




Hi Allan and Jackie. A novelist, sounds exciting. We'll have to be careful we don't end up as characters in your next book. Jackie, meeting before we fly would be good. If it's easier to arrange by phone my mobile number is 0759 5962523. 1 week to go!!!


Andrea, hi --

I look forward to seeing you all. Does anyone know who all is on our trip?


Allan S.

Hi Andrea,  Great I'll give you a call -probably around  Wednesday.


Very much looking forward to catching up with you in Delhi, Allan   

Hi Andrea,  Great I'll give you a call -probably around  Wednesday.


Very much looking forward to catching up with you in Delhi, Allan   


Jackie, Andrea, hi -- I look forward to meeing you both and the others in Delhi too.

How much warm clothing are you bringing for Nepal? I was thinking of a light sweater, jacket and windbreaker.



Hi guys,

I look forward to speaking to you on Wednesday Jackie, and meeting you and the others in Delhi Allan. 

I'm taking a fleece, couple of long sleeved base layers, my wind/waterproof jacket and a down filled jacket for the evenings on the trek. I've just discovered I'm the only one doing the extension, so if anyone wants to take pity on me and add it to their holiday I'm sure it will be amazing scenery.

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