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Recently I travelled with Exodus to Argentina and back from Brazil via Madrid and all 4 flights with Iberia were late and uncomfortable. The planes are very basic and the service was terrible. The whole group was complaining.

On my return I mentioned this to friends and everyone who has flown with Iberia seems to have had similar experiences.

On booking my most recent trip, there are KLM flights flying at almost the same time as Iberia and for the same price, yet the group flight is still with Iberia. I'm intending to  book on the KLM flights and I hear that other travellers are doing the same.

Why does Exdous keep using Iberia?

Matt M

Hi, i haven’t had the misfortune to travel on Iberia but i know those that have, have nothing but bad things to say about them.

As you say, the whole experience is very poor. If this is a cost cutting exercise for travel companies to use such airlines then the knock on impact will be that individuals will have to source there own flights which makes the user experience for inexperienced travellers or travellers with very little spare time very difficult.


Agree with above, I've not had a good experience with Iberia. It's ok for short-haul, but a definite turn off when flying to South America.


I agree, I now refuse to fly with Iberia after several bad experiences (should've known better after the first couple of times but was blinded by the relative cheapness!).   I know a lot of other people who feel the same the point of foaming at the mouth if the topic comes up in the pub.  I usually travel alone and like the sense of security of the group flight so had the one for my trip been with Iberia I would have seriously reconsidered going at all-I actually rang the office to check.  Hopefully Exodus will take note as I have my eye on many South American trips!

Could not agree more. Iberia could not organise a P up in a Brewery. We flew with them to Cuba a few years back. My wife and I have travelled widely, but I can honestly say that those flights were the worst that we have experienced anywhere in the world. Old aircraft, broken seating, broken down in flight entertainment, lousy food, rude and unhelpful cabin crew. We even missed breakfast on the outward leg due to the crew not starting serving in time! Avoid if at all possible. EXODUS TAKE NOTE!!!


Just got back from a Peru trip with Exodus, and interestingly most people (11/15) all requested KLM flights instead of the group Iberia flights. Those on Iberia were complaining again! KLM were good.



Hello all, I am the Aviation Manager at Exodus. Thank you for your comments regarding your experience of flying Iberia which I will certainly pass on to the airline. I am sorry the experiences have been negative. Exodus uses a range of different airlines for our trips to South America and we will take your comments on board in deciding the group flights for future trips. Some of you have mentioned positive experiences with KLM. While they do not offer the frequency and coverage of Iberia to the continent we do use them for some of our trips. One obstacle we do have with KLM, however, is their policy on airline group bookings. KLM do not allow the group size to fall below 10, whereas with Iberia this is possible. Airline group bookings offer us stability on flight costs throughout the selling period thus avioding the need to pass on flight supplements to clients. As our groups are small in size and not all our clients take our group flights, it is often to possible to achieve the minimum 10 seats KLM require. We also use Continental, American Airlines, LAN and Air Europa for trips to South America.

Note the comments from the Aviation Manager.   We gave up completely with Iberia after 3 bad long haul experiences and each of these we complained to Exodus about.  We now make all our own flight arrangements to S. America if it looks like Iberia might be involved.  In addition to KLM we have found LAN to be efficient, clean, mostly helpful and on time.

All I can say is if BA take over Iberia they give the Iberia cowboys masqerading as cabin staff a good kicking to attract their attention followed by a crash course in understanding that passengers actually pay their wages.

Oh dear just been reading all your comments and we are off to Peru in Oct with Iberia. Can't say as I'm now looking forward to the flights. I like a bit of comfort and decent service and I feel the flights are all part and parcel of your holidays. Oh well I am now prepared for the worst - I hope

rosie w

rosie w. flew with iberia last october!! never again!! rude, shoddy  planes and service! food inedible! would rather pay more and organise my own flights!! take note anyone thinking of booking to south America!! look for alternatives!! it did spoil what was otherwise a brilliant trip to Peru!!

Was dreading the flights to Peru after reading this lot. Admittedly it is my only experience with Iberia and maybe I was luckly but they were ok - I've had worse! Staff were ok, food much of a muchness as far as in flight meals go. Depending on your seat you might need a pair of binoculars to see the IFE screen, but a good book and ipod solves that one. My main concern being 6 foot was space - it was just about bearable for the 12 hours from London to Madrid. My luggage also turned up which is more than could be said for one of my fellow travellers - Air France lost hers both ways! Maybe my low expectations helped!

Just to balance things, I've always found Iberia perfectly adequate. In my experience their older 747s have a lot of leg room which is a big plus for tall fellas like me. They'll get you there and that's all I need from an airline. (prescription sleeping pills help....They knock you out for hours) ;-)

 Just wanted to rant as well!  I couldn't stand our flight back from peru in May, not only was I not impressed with the food, entertainment and service but I was not pleased when they moved me from my seat (once i had actually boarded the aircraft) to a different seat because some couple had just decided to go and sit together and take my seat!  The attendants didn't question this, they just pointed to my new seat in spanish and that was that.  it was away from everyone else on the trip and so there was no'one to talk to.  I did not enjoy that 14 hour flight and wouldn't travel with iberia again.  Shame because the trip itself was excellent, Exodus just need to ban iberia!!!

---Jenna "Pika"---

Never want to fly with them again. Half our group flew with another airline where they were well fed and watered throughout their flights even from UK. Our flights - food poor, nothing on the first flight. Main flight food not good drinks occasionally. The worst airline we have flown with. Noone should fly 12hrs without individual TV's or music system. shouldn't have to take own entertainment. Thankfully we were so tired on return flights which were also delayed that we slept a good way. Having a 5hr delay also meant we were given a meal voucher at Madrid which helped. But sorry never again

Looks like I'm not alone. Flew with them to Peru & flight was terrible. One of the "meals" was serve yourself sandwiches at the back of the plane.......only they never announced it! I only found out because I was heading up there to use the toilet & they had gone hard as they weren't covered! I braved them again when I went to Cuba & in fairness they weren't too bad that time.  I guess I was ready for them & took some snacks on board.

I just came back from the Inca Trail trip in December, where we flew with Iberia. 3 flights out and 3 back, all with Iberia. Absolutely no complaints (and I fly a LOT, both short and long haul). They were right up there with KLM, Virgin etc. Decent food, plenty of wine, seatback TV screens with latest movies, games etc, comfortable seats, friendly staff. Couldn't ask for more.


I agree with most of the comments above.  I have done group flights with Explore using Iberia, seems all companies are the same and yes the staff never answer call bells, don't safety check the toilets every 30 mins, don't offer drinks between the service and there is no seat back entertainment.  I thought the staff were pretty scary and they lost our group bags coming back from Havana.  I had rang Explore to tell them the flight connection times were too tight at Madrid but thats how they get cheaper prices i guess!  Lets hope they improve!

Seems Iberia are going on strike

 "Unions representing airline employees announced that industrial action will take place from February 18 to 22, March 4 to 8 and March 18 to 22."


So what happens to those flying on them dates?



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