Airport Advice?

I'm going to Morocco in April but managed to miss out on the group flight back on the 18th.  I've ended up travelling on my own with a 1 hr layover in Casablanca.  This will be my first international flight (other than on the way there obviously) so I don't really know what I'm doing but I gather this is cutting it quite fine!  As I don't speak French (or Arabic) I'm not sure it will be obvious where to go when I land in Casablanca, especially as I have no idea how airport connections work, so I was hoping somebody could tell me what I should do/where I should go to make sure I catch my connecting flight!



Thanks Vanessa - that's really helpful.  It's always the details that worry me - the big stuff just passes me by!  And on the plus side if I do get lost it's a very good excuse for missing the Monday morning meeting...

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