AIW - Land of the Tiger Departing March 16th 2012

I'm booked on this trip and can't wait so thought it'd start this post. It'd be great to hear from anyone else booked on the trip.



Please ignore the departure date 15th October. Don't know how I managed is the 16th March departure

Hi Louise

Just booked myself on this trip - March seems a long way off but I'm sure time will fly by. Can't wait to go! Never been to India but loved the other Exodus trips I've done. Will need to start stocking up on SD cards though for all the photos I'm sure I'll be taking....


Glad to know there's a least one other travel bud out there;-) Really looking forward to it mysef although haven't sorted visa or jabs yet! Where have you been before with exodus? I did the gorillas and masai mara a couple of years ago and loved it! Where are you starting from? I'll be coming down from glasgow first. Better do the same and get my cards sorted and ready to go......



Hi Louise,
Have just read your post. I am booked on this trip with my husband Tony.We are flying out on the 15th from Manchester overnighting in Nagpur. We did a similar trip a few years ago to Kanha and Bandvargarh were really lucky as went with an Indian company run by a wildlife photographer. ( Had amazing tiger views! ) We have also done the overnight trains a fun experience. Cant wait to go. Just sorting out our visas now what a nightmare are you sorted?


sorry forgot to introduce myself (Helen. ) travelling with husband Tony from Doncaster. Last trip with exodus was cycling in France few years ago. We are happiest on safari especially in Southern Africa. Last trip was to Zimbabwe in September(amazing country and wildlife ) Yes take loads of memory cards. I apologise now as we both have cameras, Went to India last time in March, Same as Africa can be quite cold early morning and on the overnight trains

Hi all - watched "Tiger - spy in the jungle" last week: filmed in Pench and looked fantastic! This will be my 3rd Exodus trip (Patagonia and Everest BC) so very different. Thanks for the tip about the temp:will make sure I pack my fleece. Just waiting on visa - hope it won't take too long! I'll be flying down from manchester to join main flight so Louise I'll see you then, Helen and Tony when we get to Nagpur. 7 weeks and counting..... 

Only 6 weeks on Friday and getting excited! My visa arrived today and topped up on my jabs. Everyone else got their visas? Any more tips for India Helen? Think I'll pack warm for the train......good tip:-)  Hope we're as lucky as you were with the tiger viewings! Looking forward to meetiing up in London and Nagpur........

P.S. Has anyone booked the extra game drive that has to be booke before departure?


Visa applied for - should arrive soon (I hope!). Thinking about booking the extra drive - don't know how much it would be though... will definately be booking a "safari by elephant" trip when we get there! Louise, if you book the drive let me know and I'll join you

Yeh, me too! The eephant safar is a definate for me too. I might phone exodus and see how much the other safari ir.....i think there are various optional drives so not sure if that one is any better or just busier than the ones you can book locally. I'll let you know if I find anything out!


Hi louise and Cat . Sorry, have been away for few weeks.Yes our visas came within a week of posting. Inoculations up to date. Had same quandry about extra drives, but have not tried to sort it with exodus as found out last time that it was easy to do whilst there and easier as payment is made locally. We plan to do it as soon as we arrive at each lodge. last time we were there, the elephant rides were allocated on arrival at the park each day and you have to say during your drive that you wish to go on it so your driver can go to an allocated spot and join a queue. ( you need a savy driver to anticipate where the mahouts and their elephants will be in order to get a chance of going on one) We did it twice in Kanha and it was amazing. Just like Africa it is luck of the draw if you get a good driver and guide!( Let me know if you here differently )
As for any tips, it's just like your other trips, early starts and long journeys.Crowds and chaos sometimes, friendliness and amazing sights at others. Clothes you can layer for the game drives and train a must. We are taking some snacks for the train journeys as found there is not much chance for any food.( unless you like very hot curry! ) We got told when there to take a chain and lock to secure our bags to the seats whilst on the train. Easy to buy at the station and we luckily never experienced any problems.
let me know if you have any other queries. Less than three weeks and counting! Helen


Only just realised you can chat with other guys on the trip.  Only 4 days left and so excited.  I've only done one other trip with exodus, camping in zambia, botswana, namibia and cape town, so good I decided to go with exodus again.  I'm going to try and book as many optional safaris, can't not really.  Look forward to meeting you all. Karen

Hi Karen

4days to go? Yikes - better finish packing soon..... Agree re optional safaris - especially the elephant ones! I'm flying from Manchester so will already be checked through at Heathrow so will see you at the departure gate.



I know it's a bit late in the day but are we allowed to wear strappy tops as I've never been to India before (the ladies that is). Just packing and ironing now so thought I'd ask to give me a few days to sort some tops out.  I've not packed shorts either as they say nothing above the knee. 


I haven't been to India before but just based on the info from exodus and what other people have told me who have been to india, I'm not taking strappy tops. All my t-shirst have wee sleeves and no shorts either. Just got the roll up trousers....hope this helps?

I'm flying from Edinburgh so will probably be ar heathrow pretty early. If anyone fancies meeting up at departures or even in Mumbai airport, let me know. My number  is 07919 377763. I just remember being stuck in Nairobi airport for 6 hours on my own last time;-).....

P.S. I take it we don't need a sleeping bag? And...are people taking mosquito nets?




Thanks for that.  No we don't need sleeping bags and i've been on 5 safari's before and never taken a net but no doubt this time I will get bitten to death.  Helen has been before so she might know if she reads this before we go.  It will be great to meet up as I know we have a long wait at Mumbai and there is only so much to do there apparently, cafe and some shops.  I shall be at Heathrow around 4.30pm.  My number is 07718 274686.

Pretty sure we don't need sleeping bags (plus no room left in my rucksack now....over packed as usual!) I'm taking long sleeved tops and t-shirts, long trousers and cropped. Haven't got mosquito net (didn't think to buy one as always been provided on other trips I've been on)but have repelant etc - if time might get net tomorrow (don't think they're too expensive or bulky)and I'm sure we can get them at the airport

Louise, my flight from Manchester gets to Heathrow about 4 so I'll give you a ring when I arrive so can meet up

Less than 48hours to go now - can't wait!!


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