Am I on My own in New Zealand?

Hi Guys

I am sure I am not the only one on the trip as the trip seemed to close soon after I booked. Really looking forward to being away over the festive season and in the warmer climes - but not holding my breath for sun probably just warmer rain. A bit apprehensive about the river crossings but hey ho - I can swim and I'll dry out.


Hello Lin - no you're not on your own! I'm really looking forward to it all - I've wanted to go to NZ for as long as I can remember. I'm taking the opportunity to also visit friends in Auckland pre-trip and in Sydney afterwards. Don't worry about the river crossings - they'll be great fun!



Hi there

I looked on this site a few months ago if someone had started a thread but nothing was there. I did intend to start one but it was my final joining instructions from Exodus this morning that prompted me to check. 

Ive contacted Exodus with many questions all of which they have answered for me. The one thing they also provided me with is details of the adrenaline acitivities providers in Queenstown. Has anyone booked any or is just me who wants to scare themselves silly? :-0

The one thing Im struggling with is how will I survive with just a 20kg limit for 23days . Thats including my sleeping bag. Ive bought travel wash to reduce all that I need to bring.

Im looking forward to the trip and will no doubt be counting the days down as it gets closer.


The river crossings will be fun so don't worry about that. Bit worried about the luggage allowance though. I've packed tiny plastic bottles of shampoo and stuff just for a couple of days and planned to either buy the other toiletries after check in or whilst were there.

Will also stuff all my pockets with gloves and "stuff" i'll be the one looking like miss michellin woman.

Anyone thought about how to pack up ypur walking ploes so they don't get lost or separated. Wrapped mine in bubble wrap and packing the weight i've lost on the toiletries i've gained on the pole front!

 Also a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I'm staying an extra week in Queenstown and i've booked a canyoning trip on the 1st Jan-what a way to start the year! Unless were too knackered on the free day in Queenstown i'd be up for something...maybe even another canyoning trip. Done my research and will bring the details with me

Take care all and whoever i'm sharing with better not snor!!!!!

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