Amalfi 28th July 2012

Hi anyone going on this trip, am really looking forward to it & can't wait to see sunshine!

Hi, going on this trip a single traveller. Really looking forward to it. Looks absolutely stunning. Anyone want to meet up at Gatwick?

Hi Paul, nice to hear from you, me and my husband Mike are also going from Gatwick on the 6am flight, which flight are you on, I know there is another one later. It's getting closer now and we are also really looking forward to it. Everyone has told us how nice Amalfi is so should be good.

Take care Terri

Hi Terri,

 Thanks for yoyr message. Yes I'm on the 6am flight. I've been wanting to visit Amalfi for a number of years and really looking forward. The reviews on Tripadvisor for the hotel are great too. See you at Gatwick. Not long now.


Hi Paul, hope you are well. We are getting excited now,our hols wil soon be here and its about time we saw some sunshine! I was looking at Trip Advisor the other day, its always good to check it out and the hotel does sound nice and friendly.

 It sounds a fab holiday with a mix of places to see, cant wait for Vesuvious. Just sat watching a programme about volcanoes on TV - interesting. Yes hope to see you at Gatwick, message us nearer the time. Hoping to get a bit of practice in at the weekend (depending on the weather) & was thinking of going to the Peak District. Have fun whatever you do

best wishes Terri


Hi Paul and Terri.

I'm on this trip too.

I am flying from New Zealand and will be in Naples a day early. I'll be joining everyone in Bomerano.





Hi Iain

Have a good trip from NZ, its certainly a long way to come, are you touring anywhere else too? We came over there last year and loved it. Looking forward to Italy and some sunshine. CU Soon, take care



Will be going back to the UK for the Olympics.

Got some tickets to the hockey, an athletics session and a couple of rowing. Should be good!

Oh how amazing, you are so lucky, that will be great. Have a good journey. T




See everyone soon.

Hope you have a good flight over. Looking forward to the holiday. Just think in less than two weeks we'll be enjoying the delights of Amalfi. Looking forward to it.


Looking forward to getting some sunshine. Enjoy walking, but not had much of a chance recently as the weather has been so bad. Must admit I am a fair weather walker as I like the views and the sun on my back. Hopefully we'll get that.

See you at Gatwick.


Hiya the temperature in Amalfi has been around 33 degrees - that sounds great, & not what we are used to.

We actually went walking yesterday from Hathersage in the Peak District & expected to be in cagouls and waterproof trousers all day but we had a fab day and was even walking in T-shirts!!! Sun was out all morning but nowhere near 33 degrees. Thought we should get a bit of practice in.


Hi, looking forward to some wonderful views and great Italian food!  I'm told the Amalfi coast is stunning.   I'm also going from Gatwick - 05.50.  Have you arranged to meet up somewhere?  would love to join you.

Hi, if anyone logs in before tomorrow morning, please do look out for me - small, blonde, pinkish backpack...  looking forward to meeting you all - if not at Gatwick then at Naples!  See you soon Judy

Hiya jus arrived at our hotel by Gatwick so feel like we are on our way now. Will look out for u, I have a blue & grey backpack & Mike has an orange one. Don't really know Gatwick well enough to say where to meet but sure we will all find each other eventually - at least by the departure gate anyway. Take care Terri

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