Amalfi Coast

Hi , Is anybody else going on this holiday on 21st May, be good to chat online beforehand!  We're first-timers so anyone been on Exodus holidays already?


What a mix-up!  oh well hope to meet you afterall Hannah, as I wondered if we might all be in the same hotel, and maybe your itinerary may coincide with ours some days.

 Haha Wendy, have a good time, be good to hear from you afterwards aswell.  Alison 


Hi All, I sent an email to Exodus re rubbish being uncollected in Naples streets, this is there reply, thought you might be interested.....
 Hi Alison, Thank you for your email. At the moment the Italian army has arrived in Naples to help the city deal with its continuing rubbish collection crisis, so the problem is being solved. Unfortunately this is a problem in Naples that comes back for the last three years - in part because of technical failures in local incinerators and the lack of investment in other landfill sites. Hopefully the army using over 70 tracks will solve the problem before your arrival.   With Kind regards Marta

So whether you are on trip AVG or TDA, here's wishing everyone a safe jorney this coming week. Looking forward to new sights,  new experiences and meeting new people. Pity it will be over all too soon but we should always make the most of the time we have together -  "Carpe Diem" as some bloke called Horace once said  :)   Derek


IN FACT, I have misread my flight times (this is why I get nervous about travelling, I always do thigns like this, but at least it's sorted!) and I'm flying on the same plane as John - so we should def have a cup of tea! I'll put your number in my phone.

So anyway, I'll be seeing all of you at the hotel, and Hannah on my walking trips.

I blame all the confusion I've given myself on all the nights I've been working...




Also, how many euros are you all taking? I have no idea really but I get paid while we're away, so I'm probably going to change whatever I have left into Euros while I'm out tomorrow - I can always change it back!


We're taking 350 euros between us but we're planning on using our debit cards whilst we're there as we'll probably run out of money, and like you we both get paid while we are away!  It's difficult to budget isn't it?  We reckoned on between 10 and 20 euros each for lunches, plus there's a dinner to pay for plus drinks, then it's whether you want to buy souvenirs or gifts etc., see you all soon ;o)


Oh all my dinners are included, but I have to buy a couple of lunches. It's mostly drinks and souvenirs. I just don't know I'll decide tomorrow! 


Hi Guys,

How are your legs after the walk of the Gods?  most of us struggled with even the couple of steps into reception after that one!  hope you had good weather, we had a great time, loved Vesuvius, Pompei and Capri, although not sure about that chairlift!




My legs were still hurting 3 days after that walk!  The weather was good every day until about 3 or 4pm when we had a rain shower, but it didn't last for long.  We loved Herculaneum, didn't go to Pompei.  We set of to go to Capri but unfortunately the road down to Amalfi was blocked with lorries bypassing the dock strike further up the coast, so we literally missed the boat! It was a shame but when we finally reached Amalfi we went on a boat to Sorrento for the day, which was quite touristy.

 Alison and Andrew

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