Amalfi Coast Departing 061110

Hi fellow travellers.  Just booked this trip and looking forward to it.   Would love to hear from anyone else on the trip

Hi. I have recently booked this trip and looking forward to it. Not sure how the weather will be in November though. Am travelling down from Edinburgh, so it is bound to be better than at home. Marian

Great to hear from you -yes I am a bit dubious about the weather in November too - just hope its dry anything else is easy to cope with.   I assume you will be coming down the day before as will I? - I live in North Wales.  I have booked a hotel with transfers for £35.  If you would like the details let me know.  Looking forward to meeting you and the to the trip- need to get fit now so back to the gym with a vengence! Ann


Hi, I am booked on this trip too. I am flying independently but hooking up with you all at the airport. I cannot wait to see Vesuvius and Pompeii. Louise

Nice to hear from another traveller- yep been getting excited reading the guide books about those- hope the weather is ok for us to walk in the rim


Hi Everyone, just the booked the trip and really excited about it. Still slightly nervous though as never travelled alone, looking forward to it though. I'll be travelling down from Sheffield, planning to drive and will be happy to Car Pool if anyone else had the same idea. Rav

Trip is drawing nearer! Ann - I am flying down on the friday and staying at hotel at Gatwick Sounds like you doing the same. Looking forward to the break and making new friends, Anybody know what time we need to hook up at Gatwick on Saturday? Marian

Not sure as not got final joining instructions yet but guess check in will be 5.30 if still at 7.30 flight. I hope to do the "twilight check in " (opens at 16.00 Fri I think) so shound be able to go straight through to security (and breakfast!).

Hi Everyone, I'll also be on this trip and like everyone else I'm really looking forward to it. I live on Shetland and to guarantee making the flight on saturday I will have to set off on thursday. So that means 2 nights in the hotel at Gatwick!

That certainly puts my trip down from North Wales in perpective! I will think of you when I am moaning about the trip back up the country which I always find a chore after getting back into London.

Hi Ann
When we get back to London there are no more flights to Shetland. So that means yet another night in the Gatwick hotel. It's not a problem though since I'm well used to these travel hitches. Alan

Well I hope you get to enjoy some of London on the Friday at least!


First time with exodus and looking forward to it. Travelling up from south coast so not as far as shetland but still staying at gatwick night before.

First name's Sarah but my user name was already in the system so had to use my initials instead.


Just realised its two weeks to go!! Can't wait!

See you all in a few weeks!


I paniced when I read your post Ruth and even went so far as to recheck the final joining instructions. I can see you are excited but whatever way I cut it it is still nearer 3 than 2 weeks. I suppose "two weeks Saturday" does sound better than 3 weeks but it is only Monday so (unfortunately) thats still three weeks of work for me before we go
I have not lost the plot have I?


There we go Ann, it's about 2 weeks (& 1 day) to go now :-)

Anyone carrying walking poles? I know they are recommended but not sure if the walking the ring would be impossible without them?

Seems like a lot of us are near Gatwick on the 5th. I'm at a loose end that evening, would anyone like to meet up for a drink?

Look forward to meeting you all and making some new friends on the trip :)

Yes definately only two weeks now in fact two weeks from today at this time my train should just be getting into Euston. Yes I am taking walking poles-but I am sure you will be ok without them-its usually down to personal choice rather than necessity Would love to meet up but am actually meeting up with a friend of mine who lives near Gatwick so can't make it. Looking forward to seeing everyone and due to commitments next weekend am actually starting the dreaded packing today!

After 3 days of sleet, hail & snow the next 2 weeks can't pass quickly enough!
I don't want to cause unnecessary concern but has anyone been following the news articles about the rubbish crisis in Naples?

Had not seen it - thanks for the tip off. Also just looked at the FCO travel advice page and there are lots of transport strikes around but if they are all listed I think we might be lucky. Hope the weather for the next two weeks improves for you. See you soon


will be leaving vanouver island tomorrow for a week in spain before I head to amalfi and then to Bomeran for the weeks walking. Looking forward to meeting oeveryone


Sorry for my inability to count! Think I was a bit over exicted!!

Walking poles are very much a personal choice. Think the main benifit is when walking down steep hills and on rough terrain to help with balance.

I'm leaving S Wales Friday night at middnight and will be arriving at Gatiwck at 4:05 am!! I'm guessing those of you staying close by won't need to be there quite so early!!

See you Saturday!

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