Amazon and Inca who else is going?


I know its a while off yet but anyone else booked onto this trek departing 3rd May 2013? I did the Everest Base Camp trek earlier this year and looking forward to this adventure



Hi Paul,

I'm Helen and I've booked this trip! I've never done anything like this before, so I'm very excited and nervous all at the same time!


Hi Helen

Good to here from someone else booked on. Yea im excited and also abit nervous as i hate spiders and insects, so the Amazon could be interesting. The trip does sound like good fun though


I'm not good with spiders and insects either!
How did you find the Everest camp?

It was great. Very hard work due to altitude as you were always out of breath, but worth doing it just for the views and the feeling when you get to Base Camp. We stopped 2 nights at Base Camp too which was very cold. Once you do one trek you get the bug for it and want to do more!

 Exodus were amazing on the Base Camp trek and everything was very well organised

Are you travelling on the group flight from Heathrow, Helen?


Hi Helen and Paul,

I will also be on this trip. I have travelled with Exodus before - Kilimanjaro - and I loved them. I haven't done any hiking over the last yr or so, but aim to get back into it before May.

Lisa :)

Hi Lisa. How did you find Kilimanjaro? Im hoping to do that trek next year. Im still walking lots and have been since getting back from Base Camp.


I'm on the group flight from heathrow are you guys as well?
Kilimanjaro sounds amazing, how was it?

Yea Helen im on the group flight. Will be traveling down from Yorkshire on the train earlier that day.


Im not on the group flight as I am staying longer in South America - I'll be doing another trip to the Galapagos Islands :)

Kili was amazing. It was the best holiday EVER... Safari, Kili, then beach break on Zanzibar... I didn't quite make the summit as I had stomach issues the whole way, but I was determind to try, and got to 4700 (only an hour up on Summit night). I was just so exhausted from the sleepless nights by the time we got to summit night that I just couldn't push through. I was happy that I didn't get sent back down though, I hiked the whole duration of the 7 days. The views were amazing, and Exodus are amazing for comfort.

I can't wait to meet you all and share all our travel stories... It was actually a toss up between Inca Trail and EBC as to which I would do next year, so I may pick your brain about that trek :)

Sounds a great trip, would love to do the safari aswell so we can swap stories.

EBC was great, cant recommend it highly enough. All Exodus trips sound amazing though, thats the problem :)


This is true - I have never heard anything bad from people that have travelled with them before and sooo much is included that you are well looked after. :)

I can talk travel for HOURS so can't wait to chat with everyone :)

 What month did you do EBC?

We did it in May of this year. Probably best time to do it as its not too hot. We also stopped in India for a few days before the trek, seeing as the connecting flight was in Delhi.


Hi all, hows the training going? I had my Yellow Fever jab the other day. Having Hep B too and also need some malaria tablets. If anyone needs their Hep B jab its best to get it done asap, as you need 3 injections in total over the course of a month.



All good with vaccines for me - I am always up to date with everything..... It is worth reminding everyone though to ensure you get your Yellow Fever at least 10 days prior to arrival...

I am sad to say I haven't had a chance to do any walking at all yet :( I am hoping to pick this up a bit in the coming months though. No excuses I know, but it has been really hard getting back into a routine after Christmas and the snow.... :-/

Yea the snow been a real pain, wanted to do abit more walking but had to cancel them due to the weather.

Paid off my remaining balance today, so no going back now :)


I've had some of my vaccinations, I'm back to the doctors next month for the remainder!
Does anyone have an idea of how much money to take and the best way of taking it? I.e cash, travellers check?
Not long to go now!!

Hi Helen.

I asked Exodus how much they think we will need, and got this reply

"The meals are included on the trek and in the Amazon, so you won’t have to buy too many meals. I normally suggest about $18 for evening meals and about $10 -12 for lunches. Drinks are not very expensive, water tends to be $1-2 and beers $3-4. At the Amazon lodge they do have a residents bar and you can set a tab if you like and pay it before you leave.

You will also need to allow money for the optional activities in Cuzco that are listed in the trip notes. In total you will probably want somewhere between £300-400."

They suggest taking US dollars and changing the money into local currency in Peru, as its a better exchange rate



How's your training going? I'm doing ok, the altitude is going to be difficult though!

Mine is going ok, been doing lots of walking and going to the gym. Hows your training?

Wouldnt worry too much about the altitude, when i did Everest Base Camp i never got altitude sickness once (had the odd headache and was out of breath alot but everyone gets that). Quite a few people did suffer badly from it but still managed to complete the trek and the guides were very helpful throughout


I'm doing a lot at the gym, incline on the treadmill and strength work on my legs!
Can't believe it's only 2 months away, can't wait!!

Me too, doesnt seem like 2 minutes since i booked it, even thought it was last May! Be good to meet everyone


How was Lapland? Bet that was a good experience. Ive got an appointment with a travel nurse in a few week to get some Diamox (docs dont like giving it out, so looking at a private prescription). The people who did suffer with AMS during the Base Camp trek were given Diamox and it cured them overnight, so i know it works and is the reason i want to try and get hold of some. 

Im on the group flight to London after the trek so wont be staying in South America. Think after the Amazon and camping during the trek i will need my own bed again!

Sounds good, did you do Lapland with Exodus? Not sure on the medication laws but cant see it being a problem, will ask the travel nurse anyway when i see her.

The group flight gets into Lima for 6:50am all being well. Going to be a long day as i will be up early the day before to get the train to Heathrow. Can never sleep on planes either. Will all be worth it though




No I did Lapland with a company called Scanbalt. They are not really well known and quite cheap, but so much was included for the price.

I will be up early myself - I have a 6 hour stopover in miami so this isn't going to be fun. haha. I am going to try and stay awake though as I think this is the only whole day we get to check out the sites of Lima. I think? Where are you travelling to Heathrow from? It will take me an hour and I live in London haha.

haha, i will be travelling down from Yorkshire earlier that day. Yea dont think we get too long in Lima, just at the start and end of the trip. We're up early the follow day aswell for the flight to the Amazon.

Noticed our trip is fully booked up aswell now



I saw that - so glad I booked when I did. I was going to wait for the travel show and get a discount, but was told they only allow 500 people per day on the Inca trek and the trip would be booked out... How many is on our trip?

Yep - you are gonna be tired with already travelling a few hours just to get to the airport haha. We will all be zombies at the meeting that night ha

haha hopefully the adrenaline will kick in. First night on the Base Camp trek we stayed at the hotel in Kathmandu and drank all night, was good bonding haha. According to the trip notes the group size is usually 16 people.


wow - you must have been well pumped for the hike then... I think I went straight to bed and freaked out all night that I forgot something before Kili haha. Oh good - 16 is a nice size I think.

Probably a silly question, but do you think it will still be cold as we get higher up the mountain? All the pictures I see of people they are in T-shirts and shorts..... Just wondering if I should pack my thermals :-/

Im guessing it will be rather chilly on the trek. According to the trip notes we go as high as 4500m and from the Everest Trek, that height was pretty cold there. We were told to always wear a hat aswell to sleep in as this can stop headaches when at cold weather. I would take some warm clothes with you, i have a down jacket im taking for the chilly nights

Where about are you travelling before meeting us at Lima?


Hmmm food for thought. I will pack the same as I did for Kili then.... Good tip about sleelping in a hat - I hadn't heard that before so thanks for that one. :) Not sure if I should take my gore tex jacket as well as my down jacket though.....

 I'll be travelling from London via Miami. I live South East London, so it takes a while to get to heathrow from the ghetto I reside in :-/ I wish I had the money and more holidays left to spend a few months in Sth America, but not this time haha.

Yea im taking my gore tex waterproof as apparently you can get sudden downpours in the Amazon.

Yea would be nice to spend longer in South America. Im looking forward to the trip but also going to be nervous as this will be my first solo trip. Once i meet everyone else im sure i will be fine


It is great travelling alone. I have done most of my travels alone and met so many people. I sometimes prefer it. Always a bit nervous the first time you meet thr group that you are going to spend a week or two with, but the ice is normally broken quite quickly.

Ahhh yes - there would be sudden down pours in the Amazon - don't know what I was thinking... maybe I should read these trip notes again haha..... Sounds silly, but my biggest fear is getting bitten by a snake in the Amazon haha

haha, my biggest fear is i hate spiders. I hate household spiders. Dunno why im off to the Amazon really haha


hahahaha this will be fun... You jumping into a tree when a daddy long legs appears and I'll be screaming if I see anything that resembles a snake... I should be used to them considering I come from Australia haha

haha well they have a bar in our lodge in the Amazon, we will just have to stay there and drink all day. Might have more courage to venture out when drunk ;)


hahahaha I'll probably get too drunk and start playing with any I see. haha

"You’ve done the hard part and paid the final balance, now you can start looking forward to going! If you have booked direct and as long as we have an email address for you, your Customer Operations Executive will be in touch with you 8 weeks before travel. They will include the latest copy of the trip notes and if there are any last minute arrangements you need to make or questions you might have, just let them know and they'll be happy to look into it for you."

 Should be getting an email anyday now with the latest trip notes included. Anyone got the email yet?


I haven't received an email yet - but I didn't book direct with exodus either.... shouldn't make a difference though, as they were sedning me emails after I initially booked....

 I'll keep you all informed when I get my email.


They were also supposed to sent a reminder email for the final payment and I didn't receive that, they said it was because they were changing their systems. I'll let you know if I receive it.

I didnt get a reminder either but just got the email i mentioned above with the latest trip notes. Looking forward to meeting everyone


Hi, my name is Janette and I am going on this trip but will be taking the Moonstone trek to Machu Picchu, is anyone else doing this as well? I am starting to get very excited but also verrrry apprehensive as I am not very good with 'creepy crawlies'

Hi Janette nice to see someone else booked on the trek and someone else who is scared of creepy crawlies like me ;) . I will be doing the normal route up to Machu Picchu.


Hiya Paul, not long to go now. i did the classic route to Machu Picchu last April and it was very hard. i was with my sister then and we were so slow that by the time we caught up with everyone else it was time to move on again so i missed out on all the history and did not really have time to appreciate the sites, hence i feel i have unfinished experiences there. this time i am doing a lot more walking up and down hills so hopefully i will be better prepared! looking forward to meeting everyone. J

Me too, will be exciting. Are you on the group flight too from Heathrow?


Yes, i will be joining the flight from Heathrow but i think i will be quite jet lagged as i arrive in the UK from Australia on the Tuesday, so hopefully i will get some shut eye on the Madrid/Lima flight. J

Yea think we will all need some sleep on the long flight to Peru, we arrive in the early hours so would have been awake all night


Hi Janette, Am I correct in assuming you are a fellow Australian? I will be doing the normal route and I am starting to get excited but also freak out. I haven't done as much walking preparation as I would have like due to the weather in the UK, and now for the past week I have been so sick I haven't made it to the gym once.... I understand the trek won't be a stroll in the park, but are you able to give us some kind of idea how hard it actually is? Had you prepared at all prior? from what I have read, it sounds like day 2 with the 1000mtr ascent/descent is the hardest day?? I think once I am well again I will feel better about it all, but right now I don't feel ready at all :-/


Hi Lisa, I am not a 'fair dinkum', but I live in Adelaide.  I did the normal route last year and found it very hard, especially the 2nd day, but well worth it.  The first day is long and I was extremely tired after that, but had no problem sleeping! The 3rd day is a stroll in the park.  I did not have much preparation time last year and am hoping this year will be better for me as I am trying to do quite a bit of hill walking.  The weather here is a bit better than the UK right now. I am hoping just to keep up with the group this year :-)  Hope you get well soon. J


Hi Janette,

 thanks for the info. Hopefully I can get myself together in the next few weeks. I am normally more of a runner, so hopefully my legs will carry me the whole way :)

How long have you lived in Adelaide for? I am originally from Sydney. Living in London for just over 4 years now :)

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