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Whats the best footwear to take for walking on the Islands

Hi Martin,

I've just got back from Galapagos (trip reference AAW) - landings are either wet or dry and vary according to island/landing site.  The terrain varies considerably too - e.g. beach, paths consisting of large boulders or lava beds with some sharp edges to them. Most of the time, I wore my Merrell walking sandals i.e waterproof so great for wet landings and/or easy walking, but on other islands we were advised to wear shoes.  On these occasions I wore my approach shoes.  I think the main reason for being advised to wear shoes was to protect the toes.  A couple of people wore Keen waterproof sandals which do offer toe protection.  They were ideal - although they are not cheap, I am certainly considering in investing in some for future holidays.  If you wanted to, you could get away with good trainers/approach shoes every time (which some of our party did) - it just means that on wet landings you have to keep your shoes in your hand for the landing and then dry your feet and put back on your shoes before setting off.  If you have any other queries my e:mail is [email protected]



The Galapagos are amazing but I would agree with the last message about footwear but also add that the paths are easy to follow and strictly watched by the guides so you do not wander off, so the paths are not too rugged just the odd sharp rocks. Wet landings I carried my trainers and wore reefs and swopped them over carrying the spares in my small backpack.

Once you get back on the boat your island shoes are put in a basket and cleaned to prevent spreading seeds from island to island. You will usually not see these shoes again until you make the next landing. This didn't cause a problem for me, as I was always bare foot on board the boat. Only one stubbed toe in the week!

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