AMH Highlights of Morocco 7th October 2012


 Has anyone booked on this trip? 


I'll be joining you. It'll be my first time on an exodus trip, though I have been on small group tours with other operators before. First time in Africa as well. 

Thank you for replying! Haven't booked yet - still doing the shall I shant I (although have just booked in with the nurse for travel jabs)! Not travelled with Exodus before either. I have been to Tunisia but that was just in the touristy areas & also to Kenya but this would be a whole new experince! :)


Well clearly I think this tour is a good idea. If you decide to take that as a recomendation then you can always blame me if you dont like it. I'm sure that won't be problem though.


Given that I am booked up and paid for I suppose I should be sorting out jabs etc as well.

ha ha that's a risk!!! you could have me moaning at you for 2 weeks!! 

Have done a solo trip before but it was beach location so knew I could just please myself. So a 2 week tour is a bit daunting.

 Yes get your jabs sorted as some of them you may need one & another a few weeks later.

 Think I am  99% decided will sleep on it & let you know tomorrow!

All booked!

 Are you on the Heathrow flights?

I there, I'm going to be on this trip too. It's my first time on an exodus trip, and am really looking forward to it. I will be on a flight from Heathrow.

 Out of interest what jabs have you got? I haven't looked into this yet and need to check if I need anything.

Welcome on board! 

I didn't get to the doctors in the end as ironiclly I was too ill!

Exodus recommended jabs are Tetenus, Typhoid & Hepatitis A.  A few people on here have mentioned something called Dukoral which is an oral vaccine against Cholera but can also help with 'holiday tummy' so I may ask about that too. Another website that I looked at also recommended rabies jab!


Apologies for not replying sooner, I have been providing an olympics hotel service for variuos members of my family at my flat and its been a bit hectic.


Anyway, I'll be on the BA flights, so thats the 11:00 on the 7th out. A few years back I went on a tour with another company where everyone had seats booked together in a block on the same flight. Maybe exodus will do the same? 

No worries - I'm guessing you live near to London so apart from being busy what was you experience of the Olympics? Working in central London I thought is was all fine with no travel issues at all.

 Have you had your confirmation email yet? There was a bit on it saying that Exodus dont pre-book seats.  I guess if there is nothing else in place if people wanted to we could sort out meeting up before check in so that we can sit together.

Have a good weekend


I live up in Stevenage which is just 25 minutes from Kings Cross if you get the fast train. So that made it very good for getting to the olympic park on the Javelin. My Dad did go to the modern pentathlon in Greenwich park though and he had a bit more trouble.


For the flights, I'll be checking in onli ne in advance, I nearly got bumped off a flight once after deciding to wait until I got to the airport and I dont want to be stuck waiting for a stand by again... Though I expect they have less overbooking problems on this flight than on flights to LA.


There is something about being on planes that kind of makes me want to shut out whats going on around me though, so if you end up sitting next to me I might come across as a bit rude because I have got into the habit of ignoring my fellow passengers. 

No wonder you're such a convenient B&B then! I used to go out in Stevenage quite a few years ago.

Good advice re online checking in, it wouldnt have crossed my mind - that would at least be one less airport related stress!

Know what you mean - have met a few 'strange' people on planes.  I commute into London every day so have perfected the ignore everyone thing.

Had a look the other day & think the trip is more or less full now.


I got my "label4life" today. Whilst the strap seems quite sturdy I rather hope I last longer than the flimsy plastic address holder. Though I imagine we will both last another 40 odd years with the appropriate application of gaffer tape.

You do realise you cant get gaffer tape on the NHS dont you??!!

 This time in 2 weeks we will be there - anyone excited?

Not sure if I will get around to checking in online in advance, but maybe if anyone wants to we could meet at check in as there will be quite a bit of time to kill before the flight leaves.

When I took a look at the website previously, the date isn't listed anymore, so I guess that it is fully booked- so a group of 15 or so. Getting excited now!



If i can I will check in the day before but I'm happy to meet either at check in or after security.

 Has your label arrived now?


Due to my current level of organisedness I wouldnt bet on me taking my own advice and checking in early. This is the plan though.

 Meeting up before the plane does seem like a good idea though. It might be better to do that before check in, because we'll know which desk is for our flight. I'm not so familiar with terminal 1 that I can suggest a meetup point somewhere else. 

No sign of anything yet. I will get in touch with them to see if there is anything else I am missing!

I can't remember if I have flown from terminal 1 before (and if I have it would have been quite a while ago), so can't suggest a suitable place to suggest meeting up. Should we just loiter around check in with our trip notes?!

I only got the label in the post, everything else was by email.

There is a Boots just behind Zone D - we could meet there then hopefully we be getting in the way? What time are people planning to arrive?



Shop number 13 interesting choice. I'll be getting there around 9ish.


I'm all checked in, seat 18C

Got the seat across the aisle from you 18D.

 Just need to pack now!!

See you both at boots at 9ish? 


I'm getting a lift round to heathrow from stevenage tomorrow. So I cant 100% guarentee the time I'll be there so dont hang around too long if I'm late. I wouldt want to cause anyone else any trouble if my trip doesnt get off to the best start.

I'm aiming for about 9 too. I haven't checked in online as I don't have a printer for a boarding pass. Will see you all tomorrow!

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