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AMS Marrakech and the Sahara 2 May

Hi fellow travellers! Are you getting excited? Sarah


I am also getting excited. Have just bought my sleeping bag in from the car - where it has spent most of the last 5 months. Hopefully threat of snow is over, although there were quite a few flakes just 2 days ago. Looking forward to warmth and sunshine. Katie

Hi Katie,

Snow! It's been lovely sunshine here in East Anglia. I think it can get quite cool in the Sahara at night so must dig out my sleeping bag too. What are you doing about cash? Taking Euros or US dollars?


I used to live in Cambridge, definitely a much better climate! I haven't thought about money yet - think I read £'s are OK in the trip notes. I will have to find English ones though. 

Yes need to read trips notes more thoroughly! It would be good if several of us could meet at Heathrow and fly together; what do you think? It looks a late night/early morning landing! Sarah


Great idea to meet at Heathrow. Any ideas where to meet? I haven't flown from Heathrow for ages - I usually try to avoid it. Flight permitting I should be hanging around Heathrow for several hours. Think my flight arrives about 1pm! It will be a long day.

Hi Katie,

 There is only one Harrods and it's after security control. We could meet there around 4pm? Anyone else want to join us?


4pm Harrods it is then. Anyone else joining us?


The trip is fully booked so there should be 14 more people out there somewhere! See you all soon. Katie

PS The last time I had to buy water purification stuff it was also difficult. Apparently it has other uses.


Getting v excited indeed!

This is my 1st trip with Exodus, although I have been with other operators for walking and skiing holidays.

Think I'm the 15th person....there was 1 place left after I joined on Monday, so someone else must have joined since then if the trip is now full.

Yes I would like to meet at Heathrow please. Shall look out for you around 4 around Harrods, or failing that at the gate. What do you look like? I'm Chinese, female, shoulder length hair, 5'6".




Hello Carmela!

I will hang around outside Harrods at 4pm. I am 5'5'' (and a half), brown hair (likely tied back in very small ponytail as just had huge amount cut off it yesterday), 33yrs but look a lot younger,  and will have a blue rucksack.

See you soon


Hi both

I am 5.3, dark blonde hair, likely to have a red and grey day sack with me. See you then. Sarah 


Hi Everyone...

Just wanted to mention that I checked with Exodus re.. what's needed for night in dessert.. last year the trip notes people would need rucksack/daysac which could double as a bag to carry overnight stuff..e.g. sleeping bag.  I couldn't find this in the trip notes for this year..

 This is what the Exodus rep advised.. Only the day sack will be taken to the campsite so you will need to be prepared to take what you wish to sleep with, with you.

have just bought another rucksack..

See you all on Sunday!  Liz


Hello! Getting close to leaving date now - most excited. I may also meet with you at Heathrow depending on what time I make it there! See you all soon

Ok thanks, will probably just take the day sack and carry my sleeping bag that day. Though it's quite hard to pack "light"!


Getting closer!

Will have to start thinking about packing soon.

See you soon.



Sorry didn't describe what I looked like in my last post - asian, female with longish hair. Probably with black backpack. See you hopefully at the airport on Sunday.


Hi Mariko, great see you then; happy packing! Sarah


Getting closer. Only 2 sleeps to go! See everyone soon. Katie


I can't believe it's over!!  I had a brilliant time and it was great meeting you all.  Being back at work is the best motivator to look for my next trip!  For the London bods, see you next week!

Kate x


Made it back late last night. I know I am home having seen rain, hail, sleet, snow and a bit of sunshine today! Also can't believe it is all over, nice to meet you all. Katie x


Not having heard from Chris I guess meanwhile this is the best place to express how wonderful I feel to have done this trip and have met such a marvellous bunch of fellow travellers.

Katie glad to hear you made it home last night and sounds like it was a smooth journey.

Look forward to meet up in London, and hope to cross paths with those who live further afield. Anyway keep in touch.

Much love



Katie, did you get your luggage okay?  We saw it on the carousel at Heathrow and Jo took it on to see if she could get it on the same flight as you!  Having your name on your bag works!!!

 K x


Yes I got my luggage! Thanks very much for getting it on my flight. It came off first in Aberdeen.  Didn't have much faith in the lady in Marrakesch since she kept asking what country I was going to when she was checking through my bag. This time last week we had just finished the camel trek and were on our second walk of the day in the sand dunes. Just been past the sand dunes here - not quite the same! Katie


Good to hear you all got back safely.. my flight landed 40 mins early.. unheard of.. all that volcanic stuff shut down a lot of the French airports so we just flew straight thru! 

What a trip.. it was fabulous.. the group was excellent.. I have photos of most people to share.. and maybe Bob and Chris do too.. much better ones.  I suspect that Chris and Karen are still chilling at the riad in Marrakech.

Hope that all of you will keep up with the "small walks".. maybe we could plan one of these in London followed by tagine (well maybe not tagine).


Hi all,

So good to meet you; we had a good group didn't we?! A really good mix of people. My trip up the M40 was fine and I found the hotel ok in the end. Got home Monday night and Eva was sooooooooo excited to see me. Looking forward to seeing Chris's photos. We really ought to be in the "arrivals lounge" not the "departures lounge" on Compass cafe but who cares. About to look up Across the Divide! Sarah


I think meeting up for "small" walks is a brilliant idea! 

K x


I'm game for 'small walks' too.

Carmela x


Saw Bob on the TV this morning talking about flights!


Hi all, home at last with some time to catch up and do some washing!!!

Great trip, I have raved about it to everyone this week. Glad you got your luggage Katie - I have a number of pictures of people on camels so if you want to email me at [email protected] I can email you back with appropriate pics. 

Will be in London just Mon to Weds this week and already going out Tues night so if anyone wants to meet up on Monday evening 17th May I shall be in Henry's Bar Covent Garden (because I know where it is! - you can Google it if you don't know where it is) from 6-7pm if you want to come for a drink and maybe we can go for something to eat as me if you will be coming and I will let you have my mobile no (don't want to put it on here for all to see!) and if you have the mobile no of anyone else from the group in London who isn't on here then do let them know.....see you soon. Jo 



Hi everybody ! It's so great having news from you ! I think I've made everybody crazy here talking about how great the trip was and what awesome people I've met there :) Of course, there were some jokes here about how sunburnt I was but this is part of life ;)

As you know, I left Marrakech for Madrid where I arrived without problems. There I had some problems with a stupid taxi driver who asked 15 Euros for a 3 minutes drive and with the people that didn't understand English. Finally, with a mix of Italian and some Spanish words I knew, I've managed to make myself understood and I enjoyed three hours in the center of Madrid. I'm looking forward for Chris to send the photos (I think they are way better than mine) and the email addresses.

It's great that you'll meet in London, I'd wish to be there as well :(. It's not impossible to come there the next weekend, on 24th of May we'll have a free day because of the Whitsuntide (I hope it's correct, I had to look in a dictionary after the translation), if not, I think I'll be in the UK in august for 4-5 days. See you soon ! Cosmin

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