AMS Marrakech & the Sahara

Hi folks!  Anyone signed up for this trip wanting to own up?


Hi Phil, I'm signed up and eagerly counting down! Just checking I've got everything ready. Have you been on a trip with Exodus before? Have you been to Morocco before? This is my first for both, looking forward to it (except the regular appearance of raisins I'm sure!)... See you on the flight?!

Hi Lydia,  Was starting to think it was going to be a solo trip !! No i haven't been to Morrocco or with Exodus before.  I went to India wioth explore a few years ago and am expecting it to be a similar style.  Didn't do any communal sleeping on that trip tho'.

Where are you travelling from? I'm in S Wales.  We could meet up in Heathrow if you like and fly together.


Ha! I've already got ear plugs on my list of things to get on Saturday for the communal sleeping!!! If I'd have realised this was here I'd have sent a message a while ago but I've only just read everything properly...

I'm going from Jersey so flying into Gatwick then up to Heathrow. Would be good to meet there, I'll get to Heathrow really early, probably before 14.00 due to Jersey flight times so let me know where and then and I'll see you there!

Will you have a mobile with you.  You can always give me a call on 07515 727822.  I expect to arrive early too.  I actually have my kit put to one side and packing should take 5 minutes so it's just work I need to clear.  Ever been on a camel?


I will have my mobile, I'll text you my number. I'm also just piling through the work - always a stress but always worth it - until you get back but no need to think about that yet!

I went on a camel on a family holiday to Tenerife years ago, was a horrifying experience that stays with me. Also was 'watching' You've Been Framed the other day and a lady fell off one, I didn't laugh! I hope this time I will just find it hilarious and NOT fall off... Do you think we'll have a race?! Bonding with my camel is possbily the part I'm looking forward to the most and Marrakesh and now I think about it quite a few of the other bits as well. Are you a camel riding expert?

 See you at the airport,



I did go on a three day camel safari in India a few years ago and bonded with a snarling, bile spitting beast  then!  I'm looking forward to getting away, seeing the sun, some different views and smells adn Marrakech. See you on Sunday. Phil


Hey Phil,

Hope you're managing to get through everything before we're off! Looking forward to leaving it all behind for a week after this evening... Bring on the camels and see you Sunday!


Likely to be working to last moment but will have chilled out by the time we meet.  Have a safe journey to Heathrow.  Phil

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