Anapurna Sanctuary 5th November 2010


Would be nice to say hello to anybody going on this trip.

Hi Samba

It has taken me a while to actually get myself organised and onto this forum thing but here I am eventually...I paid the rest of my outstnading balance today so it feels like I'm really going now!

Hopefully a few others will be doing the same over the next few days and we will get a few more on here chatting...I'm Edel from Ireland and will be heading to meet up with the group I think at London Heathrow then on over to Nepal via Delhi it seems...

 Where are you from?

 Speak soon Edel 


I'm Tim - joining you on the trip to Annapurna & really looking forward to it now!

I live in Wimbledon. I fly to Kathmandu via Doha so probably not on your flights. Not sure how many are on the trip but I guess not many?

Hope to hear from you!


Hi Tim

Yes it's not long now until the off so I am starting to get quite excited about the trip at this stage...

I thought that the reason there was a flight surcharge was because they had to change the carrier so that we would all be on the same flight from London...though if you are going via Doha then that doesn't seem to be the case...ah well I suppose we'll see you in Kathmandu then!

As far as I could gather there is a max of 16 per group so not sure if they got the full 16 but I imagine as its going ahead ok they got at least the minimum number of around 10 so there should be a good enough sized group of us!

Chat soon Edel


Hi all - Looking forward to meeting you in Kathmandu. I'm coming from Canada (i.e. definately not on your flight!) and will be en route as of Nov 3... cannot wait!
Safe travels,


Hello all,

I`m Anne, I have recently booked onto the trip, I believe I am the 16th member of the group.I`m really looking forward to it; I am busy with last minute preparations and packing.
I went to Nepal ( Everest Basecamp trek ) in 1995 and had a wonderful holiday. I am really happy to be finally returning.
I am booked onto the Heathrow-Dehli flight, but could not get a flight home with the group so I am staying on in Katmandu for 3 extra days. Anyone else staying on ?


Good to hear from you all - no-one brave enough to post a photo I notice!

I'm surprised there are 16 on the trip - when I booked they said there were problems getting flights into Kat. More the merrier though - just hope there is enough sleeping accomodation!!

See you all in just over a week!


Hi Dawn, Anne and anyone else out there going on this who has yet to make contact...

Anne...I'm not staying on but I suppose there may be others who are...looks like we have a full house anyways...the more the merrier:-)

Sounds like you have a tad more experience than certainly I do...I think I might be underestimating how cold it could potentially get...I went and bought more long sleeved tops today...if you have any tips given that you have done the 'big one' then don't hold back any advice on what to bring etc as it would be welcome...apart from the kit list in the trip notes I've no clue...

I guess I'll see ya in Heathrow...



Hello again
Anne, I'm not staying on, but i'm sure others will be!
Edel, I went to Everest base camp in 2006, and it was COLD, especially at night. That said, I was there in May, Anapurna's climate is a little different, and we were tenting... tho i'm not sure the teahouses were any warmer. Regardless, I'm bringing lots of layers, and down jacket, gloves, touque, etc. for evenings. If you get there and decide you haven't brought enough, you'll have time to go to Thamel and can buy ridiculously cheap faux north face/ mnt hardware/ etc. gear in any of the shops... it won't last, but it will certainly keep you warm for the trip. Hope that helps a little!!
See you in kathmandu


Dear all,


well that message got off to a good start, I hit the send button by mistake.
I am getting really excited re the trip. I have struggled a little staying within the weight limits, but I am nearly there now.
I agree with Dawn/DM2010, layers of clothing, it gets warm while walking during the day , but the cold hits once the sun goes down. I have packed a down jacket, but I managed without last time. The down stuff is light as well as warm. which helps to kep witin the weight limit for trekking.
I advise taking plenty of Immodium/loperamide. I was on a camping trek last time, we will stay in teahouses, it sounds like they are very careful with boiling and filtering the water. Wet wipes are very useful.
Camera batteries dont work as well in the cold, spares are useful, but warming them up can temporarily revive an ailing battery, pockets or armpits do the job!
Look forward to meeting up in Heathrow/Katmandu

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