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Anbody off to Madagascar with us?

We've been looking forward to this trip since 2 years ago, when we had to cancel the same one. Better luck this time I hope.


I am! Very excited.. I have made a list of things to think about before October! It'll take me another month to get around to doing anything on it! Have started to read my guide book though.. going to be a good trip I reckon!

Great to hear from you, Gill. I too am really looking forward to it, haven't yet got a guide book but have had the Bradt Wildlife guide to Madagascar since Christmas before we'd even booked! Are you traveling on the 15th or on the original date of the 17th?


Hiya, I've gone for the 17th.. Air France.. what about you?  I've got the Bradt guide book, it seems really good.. I'm only on the history section. Have you been on one of these trips before? Hopefully more people will find your thread, good to say hello before, when I asked they said there was 16 people. Are there two of you going?

There's me & and my husband, Andy. We opted for the 15th as we knew we had holiday to spare at work. I'm hoping that others will se the thread too. We've actually booked through 'The Adventure Company' but as they're sister companies, it's the same holiday. I haven't yet had any reply on that forum either.


Yes, hopefully more people will look as it gets closer! I'm travelling on my own so keen to say hi before heading off.. only 3 months to go!

Before you know it we'll be having to pay for it, then it will only be 2 months. I don't know if you've been on one of therse type of holidays before but there's normally a reasonable mix of singles & couples.

I've started my holiday shopping! Bought a couple of shirts in the Craghopper sale, come October all the summer stuff will be gone.


Thats good to know, not been on this sort of holiday before.

 Good point re shopping, I don't have tonnes to get but I never need an excuse to spend some money! I've got some new walking boots and know I need to wear them in but can't face it while its warm and london doesn't offer too much difficult terrain.. I know its stupid! Where are you based?  

We're in Oxfordshire- not too much walking to be had here unless you want to walk fields and I'm not so keen on those with cows in, so we don't get out all that much.


On the off chance you didn't see it the first time round I just watched "last chance to see.. " all about lemurs and madagascar.. absolutely amazing, can't really believe I am going there! If you missed it it is on iplayer for the next 6 days.. worth a watch

Thanks for that, didn't see it the first time round. I always look forward to my holidays - so much so that I have a 'Holiday Countdown' on my computer desktop!! (sad, I know) It's now down to 73 days!

Just paid for the holiday - definitely not long now! Are you getting your visa at the airport?


Hiya, I paid a while ago, got a bit over excited! I think I'll get the visa in advance, I work quite close to the embassy so will just pop over.. Off to the edinburgh festival next week and when I get back I am going to be full steam ahead with organising! Not sure what to do about money..?

That's handy to be able to get your visa, I think we'll get ours in advance too. Yes money! Not too sure about that yet either. I understand it's best to change money at the airport and ATM's are few and far between as is acceptance of credit cards. I keep my eye on the Loney Planet forum - Thorn Tree & Trip Advisor to pick up useful info.

Have a great time in Edinburgh.


From the posts I see there's at least four of us going, with only seven weeks to go I'm begining to feel the excitement starting.  On a practical note just been looking at your posts and wondering about the money thing too they say the exchange rate at teh airport is as good as anywhere as you say, but any suggestions about a daily amount for snack and drinks?


Hiya! Nice to find another person.. I have no idea about how much money we'll need cos we have some meals to buys too. I might be being a bit dumb but are we talking about getting money at the airport when we arrive.. or heathrow? I am presuming there.. Anyone getting jabs etc? Can not wait!

Hi there, this is what 'The Adventure Company' says about cost of eating - but it could be way out as I don't think their trip notes have been updated since January last year!

'14 breakfasts and 1 lunch are included. You must pay for all other meals yourself (you can eat quite well for £10-£15 per day). Approximate costs are given for guidance only, and may vary widely according to location and type of establishment.
Coffee/tea   UK£0.50
Soft drink  £0.30
Medium beer  £0.60
Bottle of wine   £3.00
Local snack lunch £2.50
3-course dinner*  £4.50
*reasonable mid-range tourist class restaurant'

Yes - change money in the airport when you get there I think is the best idea. We're off to see the nurse next week for advice on jabs etc. Not sure what anti malarials will be the best but I'm sure she'll advise. We're pretty much up on all our jabs (I hope) but as we're flying via Kenya I'm wondering if we'll have to have the Yellow Fever one. What dates/route are you flying, puccabanana?

I posted on somebody else's thread who are on the trip at the moment - I'm hoping he'll be able to help us on some of the questions. Just checked my holiday countdown - 45 days to go!



Thats fab, thank you! I have just read through my bits of paper again and have seen some advice on costs etc. Suppose I should do the same re the nurse, I think I'm up to date too but still.. So Puccabanana are you travelling on your own too?

Saw the nurse last night - seems we need a whole raft of injections! Tetanus needs updating, we do need Yellow Fever as we're going via Kenya and apparently African countries are wanting people to have swine flu vaccinations. Plus the anti malarials. Just have to sort out the time to get them done.

Hi, I'm off to Madagascar on 1 October doing the trekking trip with Exodus. When I went for my vaccinations I was advised that swine flu was recommended but not essential. The practice nurse said there was a lot of swine flu vaccine left over from the pandemic - the inference being that they recommended it because they didn't want it to go to waste rather than you were at high risk of contracting swine flu in Africa.

Hope you all have a good trip, Rachel

Hi Rachel,

I did think that perhaps the reason that swine flu was being pushed was that there was a load left over from last year.


Hi there guys, we are going on this trip (I hope!) in 2 weeks time and have had quite a few changes to the trip. Just wondering if you experienced this too? Hope we get there and all have a great time!


Hi JerseyBean - off in 2 weeks time I bet you can't wait. It's 5 weeks for us, it's seeming like forever at the moment.

We too had changes to the dates, first of all it was all rejigged due to internal flight changes, then several months later changed again because the international flights had altered.


Hi - thanks for reply, guess internal flight operator is as unreliable as Air Kenya?! 

Yes we can't wait now, seems to have been ages since we booked - won't be long for you either. Will let you know how it all goes.



Hi both, I have just returned from doing that trip.  I have posted some info on the arrivals gate bit of the site.  let me know if you have any questions.


I've just discovered this thread and am really looking forward to the trip and meeting you all. Are there any other solo travellers departing on 15th?


Hiya ShelleyHS! I'm on my own but not leaving til the Sunday.. there are only a few of us on this thread but was told there are 16 of us altogether with half of us each of the flights.

I've left going to the Drs re vaccinations a little late and am going tomorrow, whats everyone had to have?

Been shopping for toiletries today and have no room left for clothes, got to remember I am not moving there.

Got our travel documents on Friday - not long now.We had tetanus & swine flu jabs last week - had very painful arms from those jabs. Yellow fever one, next week (as we're going via Kenya). Good to hear from you ShelleyHS. I too am starting to gather up the toiletries and essentials, soon be time to drag out the luggage to put them in!


No one mentioned swine flu to me! Have had Typhoid and Hep A.. have tetanus already. Got to sort out anti malarials.. achy arms too. I don't have tickets with my travel documents do you?

I think they were only trying to use up surplus vaccine - said African countries were asking for it but not so sure! We haven't got the anti-malarials yet either, think it'll be malarone. No, there were no tickets, e-tickets I think. Still haven't decided on amount of money to take. Had today off work, so went poking roung Millets to see if I needed anything!


I didn't need any jabs (I haven't had the Swine Flu vaccine) but am getting Larium ant-malarials. I'm a bit puzzled by the Yellow Fever requirement but will dig out my vaccine certificate in case anyone asks for it.
I haven't worked out how much money to take either - I suppose it would be best to take rather more than you think you need as it's always possible to change Euros back when you get home.
Not long now....


Has anyone worked out what the maximum weight is for baggage on all the flights? Only two weeks left!

I think we're being on the safe side with Yellow Fever, I actually emailed the Madagascan Embassy about it - this is the reply
"If you are staying at the airport (Nairobe) for more than 24h, the yellow fever certificate is needed. However, the WHO (World Health Organization) stated that all tourist going to madagascar via Kenya should have had the vaccination.
I've looked on the WHO website and couldn't see any information but the nurse said we should have it and as it lasts 10yrs it seemed a good idea.
Luggage wise I think our bags will probably weigh about 14-15kg, the internal flight allowances are normally less than the international flights and no doubt there'll be plenty of carrying in and out of buses and hotels so the lighter the better. The Adventure Company advise 10kg but I'm pretty sure I can't pack that light!
Money - says allow 350+ Euros for meals (about £300) I'm thinking about changing about £400 (for the 2 of us) at the airport then hopefully getting some out at the few and far between ATMs. But I really don't know, I always um and ah about how to take money on holiday and it's a pain that you can't do much spending on the credit card. Any other thoughts on the money situation gratefully received.
The luggage is now on the spare bed and holday items are appearing round it.


I have 34 tops in my tops pile.. oh dear..

mmm, I think that might be a couple too many!


Can't remember when you first lot fly out, probably the end of this week.. Hope you have good journeys! See you Sunday night

Fly Friday evening - have a safe trip yourself.


Hi all - just to let you know that we have just returned from Madagascar and had a great time. The guide Solof is really nice. Had great weather, food and saw lots of lemurs. Enjoy!!


Really glad you had a good time, can't wait now!

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