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Ancient and Modern Japan March 26 departure

Interested in hearing from anyone else booked on to the trip departing on March 26th?


I'm interested in this trip, wondering what date to go myself, can see one for 19th March, is that the one you mean? :)



I'm now booked on the 19/03/2010 departure, would love to hear from anyone else going...



The March 26 trip has vanished off the Exodus site but from what I understand it is running (at least I hope it is!!!) and is fully booked.


Katyjobo - thanks for coming back :) makes sense now. I'm on the one the week before you then, it will be my first time in Japan and first time with Exodus and I am looking forward to it loads.  Enjoy your trip :)

Yes, the 26th March trip has been fully booked for the past month or so.  My wife, Eve, and myself are on this trip - first time to Japan, but went to Thai/Cambodia/Vietnam with Exodus last year. Has anyone heard from others who've been - any particular recommendations?   Kevin


My husband, Les, and I are booked on this trip and v much looking forward to it.  Will be 2nd time with Exodus, first trip was to Costa Rica, which was excellent.  We're flying to Tokyo on the 22nd and making a side trip before meeting up with the rest of you in Kyoto.

We are flying ourselves to New Kansai Intl in Osaka - arriving about same time as exodus group (although different airport!). We are extending our trip too - adding 5 days in Okinawa afterwards.

(also did Exodus Costa Rica - that was wonderful!)


I am coming on this with a friend  Doreen - we have done lots of these trips - we were work colleaguers at the Uni but Doreen retired   early - we both live in Lancaster Gill


I am coming on this with a friend  Doreen - we have done lots of these trips - we were work colleaguers at the Uni but Doreen retired   early - we both live in Lancaster

Looking forward to the trip (if I ever get my work finished!). Anyone else I haven't heard from yet on the tour? Also, any recommendations on money? How easy is it to change Sterling in most Japanese towns and cities?

Hi Katy - on money I've talked to a bunch of people and cash seems to be the recommendation. I'm also taking some dollar traveller cheques plus a credit card to be used in hotels or major stores. See you friday!  Kevin

Thanks Kevin  - I am mostly taking cash (yen and sterling) plus a debit card which I should be able to use in post offices and Seven Elevens apparently and some back up travellers cheques.

Weather forecast looks pretty damp for the next few days in Tokyo and Kyoto, but on the bright side the sakura forecast looks good!

See you on Friday/Saturday!


Les & I arrived yesterday and indeed, it hasn't stopped raining yet, though we're reliably (!) informed that tomorrow onwards will be better.  We're in the Mt Fuji area but whether we get to see it before we leave on Saturday depends on aforementioned weather.  Re money, we've seen a sign for an ATM in local 7/11 and also PO, so that info's obviously correct.  By the way, as well as being wet, it's also really cold (here at least) so don't forget your thermals!  Looking forward to meeting up on Saturday or, more likely,  Sunday morning.

thanks Lavinia - I'd seen on the weather forecast that it looked pretty damp! I presume it's best to assume it will be like the UK, only nine timezones away. Hope the water doesn't wash away all the cherry blossoms before we get there.....see you in a couple of days

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