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Andes to Amazon 24 Feb '12

Hi - Is there anyone out there who'll be joining us on this trip -would be good to hear from you. 

Jacki & Pete Ager

Hi - We are also going on this trip and its nice to electonically meet you.  We are David and Pauline, sorry about the small picture but just discovered we don't actually take photographs of ourselves whilst we are on holiday.

 We are looking forward to the trip - first time in South America but only just getting our heads around it all. First time without the kids!!

Hi David and Pauline - Good to hear from you.  We 'dumped' our kids many years ago but remember enjoying the freedom.  This is also our first trip to South America but we did do the Exodus trip to Costa Rica two years ago.  If this holiday is anything like the Costa Rica trip then we're in for a good time.

As we live in Worcester, we're flying from Birmingham and, all being well, we should arrive for our first night in Quito just before the group flight.

Look forward to meeting you.

Jacki & Pete Ager



We live in Kent and Heathrow is not too bad for us if the M25 is not playing up. We are on the group flight so we will be behind you. Who are you flying with? We are with Iberia... unfortunately!

Our flights are with KLM from Birmingham to Quito via Amsterdam.

Do you know how many are in our group?

We were hoping it was going to be KLM much better than Iberia evidently but we are sure it won't be a problem.

Group number? possibly 8 is my guess at the moment I only say this because the max is 16 and if you try and put in 9 into the Date and Prices tab, the 24th Feb trip disappears and becomes unavailable. Don't know how scientific that is!

Counting down the days already and trying to decide what to pack with the changeable weather we are going to experience.

Hi David and Pauline,  Just returned from a visit to the Travel Nurse at our GP Surgery to make sure we're up to date with necessary vaccinations.  Exodus suggest taking malaria tablets so we're going along with that, but both the nurse and Exodus were non-committal about Yellow Fever protection so, as we're only going to be on the edge of the Yellow Fever zone, we've decided not to have the jab but to make sure we are always well covered by deet-based mosquito repellent.  By the way, we've found in the past that Superdrug are the cheapest for Malarone tablets if you are taking anti malarial tablets.

While on the phone to Exodus we enquired about numbers on the trip which is currently nine.

Hi. We are already covered for yellow fever due to other trips we have been on so didn't need to think about that one. We are always on the safe side where malaria is concerned so we will be taking Malarone, not the cheapest but less possible side effects and you don't need to take them for so long. We go in and out of malaria area twice so need to calculate number of tablets required. Thanks for the tip re Superdrug we will enquire however our local Asda chemist also does them so we will compare.

It would be great to hear from the other 5.


In trying to work out what to take and getting really confused.  Banos is currently having a heat wave and Tungurahua is getting fiesty again - so it should be unusual.

 Before e-mailing the company have you seen that the recent paper trip notes make no mention of mosquito nets for the jungle lodge but the website notes do? Generally they are provided but I wonder if you had any thoughts?



Hi.  We don't plan to take mosquito nets.  We deliberated over it when we were in Laos and Cambodia last year and were given a very non-committal answer by Explore as I think they just have to play safe to cover themselves.  We didn't take one in the end and definitely didn't find one was needed.  If there is ever a problem with mosquitos in rooms hopefully nets will be provided.

We've read in reviews that the weather can be both very hot and quite chilly on this trip so I think layers are the answer.  As you say, with the volcano becoming active, it could be very interesting!


Hello once again. Just found out that there are 7 of us and not 9. Us 4, 2 solo females and one male.

If the other 3 are out there it would be nice to hear from you.

David and Pauline

Just the elite few then!  Getting close now - into town this week to get some dollars, mallarone tablets and insect repellent!

Jacki & Pete


I have just booked the trip so there will be 8 of us. I am Kat and  I live in  London/Kent  so probably not very far from David and Pauline. It is going to be my third trip with Exodus ( though the first one without my husband who unfortunately cannot join me due to the work commitments).

Looking forward to the trip and meeting you all.


Hi Kat, nice to make contact with you and look forward to meeting you in just over 3 weeks' time.  This will be our fourth Exodus trip.  We're not going to be on the group flight as we live in Worcester and a Birmingham departure is much more convenient for us.  We leave very early on the Friday morning, fly via Amsterdam, and should arrive in Quito by Friday evening.

Jacki & Pete

Hello Kat we are from Chatham this is our first time with Exodus but have been with Explore and others. Malaria tablets and dollars safely in hand clothes sorted now the wait.

David and Pauline


Hi Jacki, Pete,  David and Pauline,

I am from Bexleyheath so not far away from David and Pauline. It is nice to hear from you and to  meet you electronically before the trip.  I have nothing sorted out yet . The only thing which I did yesterday was to buy the Rough Guide and a patch insect repellant ( I have never tried it but apparently it works so I thought it is worth trying). Are you taking some small souvenirs for local kids? ( we did it in Cambodia and Vietnam and they were very grateful )



We normally play safe with pencils and writing pads. Nothing too bulky or breakable. Normally buy extra when we are there if we know that we will be specifically meeting the young locals.

David and Pauline

We thought we'd pop down to the One Pound shop before we go and get something for the local kids.

Jacki & Pete

Not long now. Hope you all are ready to go. Found out that the flight to Madrid you need to pay for any food on the flight. Of course Jacki and Pete don't need to worry about that I assume! We will be heading to the Food Store before we board!

Look forward to meeting you all at Heathrow or Quito.

David and Pauline


Thanks a lot for telling us about food on the flight - it is  useful to know since I assumed that we were going to be fed.

 See you soon,



An early night for us tonight, as we'll be leaving the house at 3.00 am to catch our 6.00 am flight from Birmingham!

Look forward to meeting you all in Quito.  Have a good flight.

Jacki & Pete

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