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Just booked up to do this trip - 1st time to Nepal and 1st point to point trek. It'll be good to hear from anyone else going or anyone that has been on a similar trip before for any tips or advive. Cheers!!


hi, yes i am going! there are a mother/daughter also going (if you add TNS to your trip list then it shows all the people who are also going along)

Hi, it's good to hear from others who will be on the trip. It appears we are at a similar point - will I be fit enough, will I have the correct kit, can I get it down to 12kgs, what snacks and medication to take. Allison, I too have recently started up at the gym again to improve the fitness. However, once this is all out of the way and we begin the trip I am sure it will be a great experince. If I gain any answers or advice I will be in touch. Cheers... 


Hi Carole, Allison, Gary & Richard - I'm also going on this trip, my first organised hiking tour and first visit to Nepal, so really looking forward to it. It's reassuring to hear there are other novices out there as well (and others who don't quite know what to pack for the weather...)! Looking forward to meeting you all.. !


Only one month to go!!! Getting really excited now!

Hope everyone's preparations are going well.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon.



Hi all.Looking foward to meeting you all.Not my first trek with exodus have been to nepal before.           So have a idea what it is like.How about meeting up at Heathrow and have drink together. Don't           know T4 but someone may know of a place.


Hi Allison, Carole, Richard, Gary, Anna and 'swilkinson',


My partner Marek and I (Silvia) are also on this trip :-) We have already done three amazing trips with exodus and are now very much looking forward to getting to know Nepal. I just finished our packing list and know now what to shop for the next weeks.


I like the idea of meeting up at the airport (provided that we manage to be there with some time to spare). I just checked on Heathrow's website what restaurants and bars are at terminal 4 after security: AMT Coffee, Bridge Bar and Eating House, Costa, Dining Street Restaurant, Garfunkel's Restaurant, Starbucks. Maybe Garfunkel's could be a good place to meet up??? What do you think?


By the way, will you get your visas already before?


Hi all. Steve here I think meeting at Garfunkel is a great idea.Im not sure about you but I think around 7pm is a good time. It is just knowing who you are? I will have a red backpack and a yellow and green football top on. I have done a few mountain treks and think GP knows best Diamax has some side effects and only delays altitude sickness but I am not you. Looking foward to meeting you all soon It is a great country and I know I am going to meet some nice people Take Care


Morning all - I'm also going to get the visa on arrival; glad to hear not everyone's got them in advance! Will try to find you in the Garfunkels next Friday around 7 ... Looking forward to it!  Anna


Hi. All, just over a week to go now ,8 sleeps in a comfy bed ,make the most of them .still seem to be doing last minute shopping,dont think allison will have any spare space if I go over weight so may have to cut back on non essentials like clean clothes . Have been assured by exodus rep that we will alll end up smelling a bit.Good job this trip sounds so fabulous . Good to read all your comments look forward to meeting everyone on the 15th. Carole


Hi all.Only a week to go before we meet. Don't worry about how you smell. Worry about the smell of your bag when you open it.It will stink  by the time you get back to the hotel. One tip if you are not aware you can leave some clean belongings in the hotel in a safe room. Looking foward to meeting in Garfunkels If all is well I should be at Heathrow early so I will make sure I am in Garfunkels early Just look for the yellow and green football top and red backpack. Steve


Hi every body! I'm very happy to see I'm not alone to go to this trip:)

I'm come from Quebec,Canada (french) and I'm meet your only to Kathamandu saturday moorning! I'm very exciting to meet every one. It's my first trip to Nepal and the first to trek 10 days! If I'm understand, the max for the packbag is 12kg? I'm take my first plane April, 14th and I'm very nervous! Annie


Hi all. Annie there is no need to be nervous everything is going to be Ok.I have done 7 or 8 trips with exodus and they are very good. One of the good things is they use very good guides. Any problems you have they have already throught about it.One thing I will say  when you get to kathamandu take care were you eat. Last time I was there the food or water gave me a problem.When we are on the trek there is no rush to get from point A to B. We have all day. the Nepalese people we meet on the walk are very nice and helpful.Take care and I am looking foward to seeing you in Kathamandu.  Steve


Looking forward to meeting in Garfunkels on Friday, not long to go now - must do some washing! Anna

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